Repair Your Inner Rainbow

My dreams are sometimes strange, often funny – I woke up roaring with laughter one morning after I had dreamed that Noddy Holder had been elected President of Venezuela. In my dream, I had inquired whether the Venezuelans understood his English (a justifiable question, since Noddy has a broad Black Country accent, not always comprehensible even to other British people) and was told that it didn’t matter, as he spoke fluent Spanish. Where did that come from?? Maybe it’s prophetic – Noddy, as we say in the Black Country, is a bostin bloke and could probably do as good a job as anyone else.

The night before last I dreamed that my Dear Daughter and Son-in-Law came to see me, and I wanted to give them something to take away (possibly my bag of stuff to be recycled – they have obliged me with that before now) but they weren’t able to take it because their car was full, with two very large boxes on the back seat. On reflection, I think these boxes were amplifiers. Anyway, my DD informed me in the dream that they needed these boxes because they were on their way “to repair their inner rainbows”.

The phrase was ringing in my head when I woke up. How do you repair your inner rainbow? Whatever, it sounds very beautiful and inspiring!

A few hours later, I had forgotten my dream. DD and SIL arrived as arranged to go for lunch, but before we left DD produced a large box and a couple of plastic bags.

“Ooh, what’s that?”

“A rainbow for you!”

She was referring to a post I wrote a few years ago, when my granddaughter sent me a box full of wool and yarn to help me with my crochet.

And here was another rainbow in a box – enough to keep me occupied for a few weeks, I imagine! Thank you, this should keep me out of mischief.

It was only after they had continued on their way that I remembered the phrase in my dream. I hope they are having a tranquil weekend, and are able to repair their inner rainbows.

P.S. For anyone who doesn’t know Noddy Holder, he’s the singer of the glam pop group Slade – and if you don’t know Slade, look them up!

Oh – and here’s a recent interview with Noddy. If you really want to know what the poems on my Black Country page should sound like, imagine Noddy reciting them! That’s the accent!

10 thoughts on “Repair Your Inner Rainbow

  1. Never heard of Noddy or Slade. In that video, I thought I was seeing something from the 70s, but apparently that’s within the last 10 or so years? Crazy. I had a vision of you slipping out of the house after the lights were out and sneaking in the stage door with your giggling girlfriend. (Wonder where that came from ;-))

    And what a synchronous dream! Do you often have dreams that portend a coming event?

    • Slade were one of the most successful groups in British pop history. I don’t know how well known they were in the States, though they definitely played there. But they may have had language problems!

      • Sorry to disappoint you – I was already a respectable married woman by the time Slade hit the headlines!, As for dreams – some of mine are so weird, I just hope they aren’t prophetic or portentous!

  2. Legendary Slade concerts in Geneva and Donnington under my belt, probably the best showmen on the rock circuit for a good evening, regardless of how popular they are at a given moment, and Noddy is definitely a „good bloke“!! I have rarely laughed so much as at this dream, tho‘!
    But yes, it was a lovely thought, to repair our inner rainbows… what a beautiful thing to wish someone 😃

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