Why Blog?

My Catty Corner page explains why I started blogging. Now I’ve been doing it for a while I’ve found out a few things.

I have to face the fact. I can’t be a real artist or poet; I can only use techniques of painting and verse to imitate real art or poetry. The reason is simple: my skin is too thick. I lack that essential but agonising sensitivity – what the French call “avoir les nerfs à fleur de peau” – that screams for artistic expression as a matter of life or death, or plunges a person into mental illness. Sometimes both. The more I have to do with real poets and artists, the more I am aware of it.

Logically, this awareness should make me less prolific, it should depress me, make me even more critical. However, my thick skin protects me from potential dismay: I’m grateful to be a pachyderm. I don’t want a nervous breakdown, thank you very much, and so I plod on, scribbling as I have always done ever since I could hold a pencil.

(I was six when I did this:)Image0567

I have no great thoughts or insights of my own to convey, and little originality although I am sincere and do try to express myself as well as I can.  I am a Philistine, then. A chatterbox child making mud pies and singing ditties.


Nobody is likely to pay good money for anything I produce, or queue up in the wind and rain for a peek at my masterpieces. That’s where a blog is a blessing: I can fill my pages and blissfully publish them without the approval of some supreme arbiter, and if there are folk out there who think my stuff is quite interesting, thought-provoking, funny or weird but worth wasting a passing moment on, I’m content.

And if they don’t like it, they needn’t bother coming again. AND it saves my poor friends from a great deal of unnecessary ear bending.

Does that answer your question about why I blog?

20 thoughts on “Why Blog?

    • “To thine own self be true – and it follows as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man” remains good advice! Thank you for dropping in and commenting.

  1. I have two Kittens of Mass Destruction (KMDs) that provoke pomes(*) and cartoons

    They tell me that Dalek tastes like lobster
    Where they got to eat lobster
    I don’t know

    And a cat that brings home small cocktails sausages
    During Barbeque Season

    If I can do nothing else
    I’d like to share 🙂

  2. Well, the KMDs have been shared with friends and family on FaceBook and email
    Just thought you might like them

    The pome about the pigeon falling down the chimney

  3. Pigeon English

    Scuffling in front room
    Cat 1 belong house she go look
    Cat 2 belong house she go look…
    Man belong house go look
    Cats shes look at fireplace
    Boths dem

    Behind the boxed in chimbley.
    Bugger sez I
    chimney box he come out

    Fat stupid pigeon
    Fell off chimbley pot
    ..Into chimbley
    Stupid pigeon

    He look at me
    I try grab
    He hit ceiling
    He hit floor
    He do this many time
    Many time
    Many many time
    many cat belong house she laff

    Pigeon He land in Conservatory
    Man belong house, him open door

    Pigeon sit

    Man belong house explain

    Kittens belong mass destruction
    Sitting other end of long house

    Pigeon fly
    Pigeon crap
    Man belong house swear

    So, just another sleepy day in Knebworth
    can’t wait for the frogs…

  4. That’s great! Thankyou. I must upload some more stuff to the Kittens of Mass Destruction. There is a short song called Eatin’ Starlins to the tune of Clementine you might enjoy..

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