Poems of Nelly Sachs

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You will find my translations into English together with the original poems in German on my new blog. I hope you will enjoy reading them there, and in some cases listening to them.

Posts on this blog that refer to my thoughts on the subject have now been grouped into the category Nelly Sachs, and can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate cloud.

4 thoughts on “Poems of Nelly Sachs

  1. Hi Catterel,

    I tried to post this comment on your Nelly Sachs blog, but encountered some difficulties! Hopefully it works here.

    These are beautiful translations of Nelly Sachs’ work- thank you so much for bringing this into the world. I feel very fortunate to have found your blog!!
    I am a 25-year old German studies student in Canada, and am particularly drawn to pre-war and post-war German-Jewish writing. As a hobby during these strange pandemic times I have been drawing cover art for some of my favourite works of literature. I also occasionally illustrate poems, oftentimes Nelly Sachs and Paul Celan.
    I would like to create a cohesive anthology of Nelly Sachs’ poetry that include illustrations of each poem, and would like to ask your permission to include your translations alongside each drawing. It is just a little project to occupy my time, and perhaps I would print some copies to send to family and friends (and you, of course!).
    May I use your translations? I think you do a wonderful job of capturing the dream-like, haunting feeling that Nelly Sachs’ poetry creates. I would obviously include a lovely write-up crediting you in the compilation.

    If you would like to talk more about this, you can email me at: siv_br@hotmail.com



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