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When I began my blog, I knew nothing of blog awards. I just had this little collection of bits and pieces i called “Musings” that had popped out of my head through my fingers into my laptop, and it seemed a pity not to share my insights and experiences with a wider audience. At least if they are bored they can leave my site, and I don’t hear their snores and sniffs.

Much to my surprise, after I’d been blogging for 9 months I was suddenly nominated for a few awards. I graciously and gratefully accepted these, and wrote the corresponding posts. What should I do with the logos? Clever bloggers pin them to their sidebars, but my efforts to emulate them failed. So I decided to tack them onto the end of my Catty Corner page, which is my “About” page

However, I have now been nominated for another two, so it’s getting a bit crowded there. Hence my decision to make an Awards page for my  surrogate Oscars. Here they are, and somewhere on my blog are the posts that go with them. Once again, a big thank you to those who nominated me.

  • liebster2


Sunshine Award versatile blogger award very-inspiring-blogger-award beautiful-blogger-award 7x7-link-award

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