Catty Corner

Katzensymphonie, Moritz von Schwind

Katzensymphonie, Moritz von Schwind

September 2011

I have been dithering about on the edge of the pool for a long time. Now it’s time to step in – even jump or dive in. Like most cats, I’m not keen on cold water, especially deep cold water. And who knows the depth of this pool? Anyway, here goes – splash! Hopefully this really is a blog and not a bog.

Feline by name and nature, I’m doing whatever a cat needs to do to keep afloat, which is probably not a dog paddle or butterfly stroke. Crawl, most likely.

Why do it anyway? I’ve been scribbling ever since I first learnt to use a pencil: drawings, stories, rhymes, verse, musings. Most of it discarded, though some has survived, especially since I learnt to use a word-processor 30 years ago. Not for general consumption until now, and it is still with trepidation that I upload this.

Why catterel? Because it isn’t doggerel. It’s different, just as a cat is different from a dog. Cats are more versatile than dogs, more calculating. Cats purr. A cat may come when you call, if it’s in her interest, and prove to be good company if you don’t try to boss her about too much. Bouts of intense activity followed by total relaxation – that’s a cat, that’s me.

Why do it now? Perhaps there’s a kindred spirit or two out there who will enjoy and appreciate what I have to offer, maybe I can stimulate somebody in a positive way.

If you don’t enjoy my offerings, then please just walk on by with my blessing, and I hope you find a site you do like. There’s no point in criticism unless it’s constructive, and that is something I welcome. Thanks for the feedback.

P.S. Thanks to one of my younger cats – a mere kitten – for the photo: copyright acknowledged!

P.P.S. The cat featured in my header can also look like this:

No further comment required!


… or so I thought. But I’ve been playing about around this pool now since last September, dipping my paws in very cautiously at first, then wading in a wee bit further, and finally paddling – and am still afloat. Time to take off the mask, and reveal the face behind the Cat before I get too wet and soggy.

So here I am:

8 thoughts on “Catty Corner

    • I’ve also had dogs, and loved them too, but I can identify better with cats. Have a look at my daughter’s blog The Little Wash House for her tributes to her dog, and most recently her pony. I think you’ll like those.

  1. I love that you put this out there. And it is indeed a blog, not a bog. I have had fun poking around your pages and am enticed enough to both follow and look back over previous posts. Exciting! I love finding a new blogger whose writing I admire. It always pushes me to blog more often and with higher standards for myself and as my blog is my only platform as a wannabe writer I love to get that push to become a better writer.
    Thanks for having such a delightful blog!
    xo – S.

  2. Thanks for your visit and comment at 1sojournal. I’m a retired Writing Instructor. I didn’t start actively writing until my late thirties, when I entered College and found a great deal of encouragement and enthusiasm for the activity. However, I was retired on disability and blogging was a means of continuing to do what I love to do. And a great excuse for pretending to still have a life. That first blog (1sojournal) turned into four, one of which I keep private because I am now teaching online.

    I really enjoy encouraging others to write. We each own a voice and a story that needs to be heard. One that no one else can tell. And I also believe that story is good medicine. Medicine our world desperately needs. So keep it up. The more you do, the easier it becomes. Your enjoyment in the activity is contagious, It reaches out to your reader, and allows him or her, to consider doing the same. Good job.


    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I’ve been following you for quite a while, though without commenting. Not stalking you, I hasten to add – just pussyfooting about behind you!

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