Herons: Seen From A Train

Six herons standing in a stubble field
At the points of a hexagon:

English: Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) I've never...

English: Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flannel-suited businessmen
Members of the Board
Holding a Meeting?

Solemnly elegant in grey morning coats
Attentive gentlemen ushers
Waiting for the Bride?

Each bravely balanced on one ramrod leg
Wounded warriors in uniform
Still standing to attention?

Grey-hooded half-bowed heads
Rapt in meditation or prayer
Sisters of Mercy at a bedside?

Ghosts around a forgotten grave
Guarding the Star of David

A landscape with six herons
Flashed on the window of the train
One frame from a movie
Retained on the retina
Eternally branded into the brain
Subliminally stirring symbols
In an unknown language
Spoken only
In the deep, deep burrows
Of the subconscious:

Hexagonally hexing herons.

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