Where did January go?

I’ll start with an apology for my absence from this blog during January. Life has just been happening a little too quickly for me to sit down and update you, or share my labyrinthine mental meanderings.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve dared to join in social activities involving large numbers of people, but – fingers crossed! – life might gradually be returning to some kind of post-Covid normality. 

Did the fact that I actually tested positive in December affect my attitude so that I am less wary of catching Corona now, and less risk-averse? Maybe. I attended a very happy birthday party this weekend and also went to my usual church, where they haven’t seen my face for some time, so there was a lot of meeting, greeting and hugging going on. So far, so good! An interesting aspect – for me, at least – was that so many of those who hadn’t seen me lately commented on how trim and (almost) slim I am looking. 

Well, thank you, Noom! I was 10 kg down around the middle of December, but then hit a plateau where the scale has just been yo-yoing between 10 and 11 kg less than my starting weight. However, although I may have sinned a little foodwise, I have been walking and swimming regularly and my tape-measure shows a reduction of several centimetres. So maybe my fat is turning into muscle, which weighs heavier? Maybe! Maybe not! I’m not slacking, and am feeling way more energetic than I did only a couple of months ago, for which I am very grateful. One thing leads to another, and perhaps in a month or two I’ll be hopping and skipping around with the spring lambs! There’s also the comforting thought that I can wear my old “best” clothes again – and can find things in shops that look attractive and actually fit ! Another incentive to look for occasions and opportunities to go out and wear them.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions any more, as I know I can never keep them, but as I am well on the way to my target weight, I’m quite confident in saying that this year I’ll reach it. Also, I have noticed that in addition to the blogs I follow I’m also watching / listening to a number of podcasts every day, and possibly becoming addicted, so have decided to ration my screen time. Not easy, when some of the podcasts are over an hour long and on fascinating topics, and I suppose in the past I would have read books or magazine articles on these subjects. It never crossed my mind in pre-podcast days that I might be addicted to reading, though. 

Is this a valid comparison? I don’t have a TV or radio, so glean my information on what’s going on in the world from Internet news sites rather than newspapers. It seems my laptop and phone are replacing TV and radio as well as books but is this necessarily a bad thing? How life has changed in the last 20 or so years! 

Finally, since I’m apparently telling you about the positive things going on over here, I also have another piece of good news, which is that the book written by my Rwandan friend Apolline (already in its second edition in French) has at last found a publisher for the English edition and looks likely to come out within the next few months. That is very encouraging, and I’ll keep you informed. I wrote about this three years ago already in January 2020 at https://catterel.wordpress.com/2020/01/12/the-need-to-forgive/ and we have been trying to get the English version published for the last two and a half years. A reminder not to give up in spite of rejections and discouragement! I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase. The English title is “As We Forgive Them”. Watch this space!

11 thoughts on “Where did January go?

  1. Dear Cat, I find all your ‘personal stuff’ very interesting. Thank you for telling us so much about your life!

    I agree, a lot in our lives has changed over the last twenty years or so. I am about to throw out a lot of books and magazines. But a few books I want to keep. Also, I still enjoy reading the large print books I borrow from the library. But I must admit, I spend a lot of time at the computer. I watch a few TV programs on the computer.

    When I am in the kitchen, I usually have a classic music radio program going in the background. Also, after cooking a good meal, I like to sit down at the dining table, sometimes with candle light, and some music to listen to.

    I too have taken up to go to swimming pools for some water therapy. And I try to walk for hours with my rollator, but taking some rests from time to time. I too, have no problems anymore with excess fat! This makes me feel really good.

    I also try to meet people as often as possible. Every month seems to last now for only a very short time. How come it is already February?

    • Thank you, Uta – I’m never quite sure whether my humdrum existence is worth recording for other people, as there’s nothing very exciting, but it really struck me how different life has become. And the last 20 years have flown by in the twinkling of an eye!!

  2. Yes, with the years passing robust health for the aged goes out of all proportions. Glad to hear the centimeters getting less. I wish to get more centimeters and had a scare when playing croquet. We don’t drink enough water and dehydration made me almost faint. Having low blood pressure, I discovered that eating bananas are not got because of the b p lowering potassium. A banana was the first thing that I would greet and eat each morning.
    I am now having acute banana withdrawal symptoms which I was advised to counter with morning porridge. I try and remain excited about life.

    • Gerard, I will happily send you a few extra centimetres and whatever raises blood pressure – mine is just about OK but higher than I would like. Maybe I should eat more bananas if the potassium lowers BP? How on earth does porridge fi into that equation? I see I need to turn to Google again! Have you tried adding mixed berries to your porridge?

  3. Yeah for Noom! I need to sign up again as soon as I’m done with this cancer business. Man, have I porked up. And this after I had done so nicely on Noom during the pandemic.

    I still have to be super careful because of my low immunity. Back to March 2020 for me. But all’s going well, so I’m not complaining.

    Glad to hear that your year is taking off like a bang!

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