Goodbye 2022

Let’s end the year on a cheerful note: despite testing positive for Covid, I can’t say it felt any worse than a very bad cold or seasonal flu, and indeed had it not been for the fact that I’d been planning to let the new year in with my best friend, and didn’t want to risk infecting her, I probably wouldn’t even have done a test. 

Christmas itself was, once a again, a lovely, happy, relaxing family occasion with excellent food and drink. All seemed, as the carol says, calm and bright.

The coughs and sneezes began a day or two later, intensified, peaked and by today – following a lavish brunch – were no hindrance to our enjoyment of a walk around and through the woods with panoramic views of the Alps stretching from the German Allgäu (Bavaria) by way of Vorarlberg (Austria), Grisons, Glarus, and various other Swiss cantons all the way to the Bernese Oberland – a distance of over 300 km. And the weather was kind to us, allowing us to revel in the whole of that vista in bright, clear sunshine with not the slightest hint of a cold breeze to spoil the experience in any way. 

The canton of Thurgau is an insider tip for nature lovers. It has gently rolling hills with orchards, patches of woodland, streams and small rivers, and quaint half-timbered houses and farms. In the distance you see the mountains, but they don’t encroach on the local scenery, and it’s bordered on its northern edge by beautiful Lake Constance (Bodensee in German).  

Maybe I shouldn’t sing its praises too loudly, as it’s one area of Switzerland that isn’t overrun by tourists, and it would be good to keep it that way.

Anyway, we walked about five kilometres breathing in clean, fresh woodland air that must have done our lungs good because we are no longer coughing as we were yesterday. We met very few people but some interesting animals: a family of pigs with thick, coarse curly hair that skipped and danced around their long-suffering mother, and a couple of beautiful white draft horses. 

Pigs are a symbol of good luck in German, so hopefully these are a portent for the new year.

Home for tea and coffee with a slice of rich fruit cake – made to my mother’s traditional recipe – and finally were gifted a magnificent sunset to end the year in style.

2022 has been a strange year, leaving us with very mixed feelings as we think over the many events that have impacted our lives during the past 12 months. But this last day has been beautiful, and I for one am very grateful for such a lovely peaceful ending to it. 

I wish you all a happy, healthy and blessed 2023-

20 thoughts on “Goodbye 2022

  1. A perfect way to put this dismal year behind us. I want little hairy pigs like that, at least one. Let’s hope 2023 is as peaceful as your lovely photos. And soon! Happy New Year.

    • Those little pigs were just delightful! My photos are better – Santa brought me a posh new iPhone, such a treat! – but still don’t do justice to the beauty in this forgotten corner of Switzerland. Happy new year to you, too..

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Cat.

    I wouldn’t mind a little Marzipan Schweinchen
    for Good Luck! I remember these from my childhood
    in Germany. 🙂

    So, you did well, to move to this very peaceful area,
    where you have family and friends. I love all your pictures! 🙂

    I’m glad, you were able to fight this Covid infection
    and did get over it quickly.

    Stay safe, dear Cat! 💓

    All the Best for 2023! 🙂

    HUGS from Uta in Australia

      • Cat I just noticed your ‘like’ to the video I posted about Centenarian Mike Fremont. It deals with ‘The Secrets on Longevity’. Very amazing secrets indeed! 🙂

        I guess one needs something important to occupy oneself with to stay active, and above all keep moving, moving, moving! 🙂

        It seems to me, to be very self sufficient is very important too. His first wife died a long time ago. However for over 30 years or so he’s had a younger second wife. 🙂

        I think as people age, they do need very stable relationships. Anything else is too hard to cope with. 🤔

      • Humans are made to live with other humans – I have been single now for more than two decades and enjoy my independence (maybe that’s selfish!). It would be very difficult for me to adjust to living with another person now – but I do have some very close friends and family members who are very important to me, and keep me balanced emotionally. I believe it’s important to have interests outside oneself – too much introversion is depressing.

  3. Thank you for taking me on your walk. It felt peaceful to me as well. The pictures were particularly nice. I have never seen pigs with hair so long. I like them and do hope they are good luck for you – and perhaps me via your sharing. Blessings for the coming year.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed our stroll! Those pigs are VERY special – seems they almost went extinct but have been brought back – one might say, “saved their bacon”!

  4. Sorry to hear about your C positivity. For most of us, that now is more of a pain in the neck than a life-threatening illness. But nevertheless, one never knows who among or around us might be really threatened by the virus.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful drive. Those pigs really are different looking. And young pigs are so funny, as I guess all youngsters are. I remember visiting the Bodensee on the trip through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in 1978. It was lovely then, and I’m glad to know it is still lovely. I remember how dismayed mother was to see Arosa, which looked nothing like what it had looked like when she stayed there as a child in the early 1920s.

    Happy new year to you.

    • I was very lucky with the covid – several friends have had it very badly, with lasting after-effects. I think I got off lightly. And was very blessed by my daughter and son-in-law! Yes, the Bodensee is a beautiful lake, and probably not much changed since you were there. Arosa, however, is a very different story … All the best to you in 2023.

  5. I panicked for a minute there, because I thought you were giving up blogging from your title 🙂 That’ll teach me not to read you ten days late!

    What a beautiful place to live. You are so fortunate.

    The pigs look handsome but I read recently that pigs will eat people (except for the teeth, which cannot be digested and is how the police discover murders, apparently…), so I’m a little put off now 😉

    A belated happy New Year!

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