Alone at Christmas?

Let others hurry, scurry, worry, 

Rushing, pushing, in a flurry,

Christmas is a panic season

When normal folk lose all their reason.

When everyone is all stressed out,

Totally zonked from dashing about

Choosing presents and wrapping yards

Of paper and ribbon, and writing cards,

Making puddings, pies and cakes,

Decking with holly, till everything aches

From putting up baubles on Christmas trees

And crawling about on hands and knees

To find the one that dropped back there 

And rolled behind the big armchair – 

Cooking turkeys with all the trimmings

Eating food that’s far from slimming,

Then getting gifts they really hate

And feeling sick ‘cause they over-ate 

And drank too much, while the kids go wild

With toys unsuitable for a child –


YOU can curl up in your comfy bed

And pull the duvet over your head,

Do whatever you want to do –

Enjoy the peace, and don’t feel blue:

Because we’ll all be envying YOU.

16 thoughts on “Alone at Christmas?

  1. The ancient scripture speaks of peace amd goodwill toward humnakind with the coming of the baby Jesus. I just went out to run a few errands. It’s crazy out there. Where’s the peace and goodwill? People will drive wrecklessly; crowd public spaces to the point of them being human bumper car courts; spend hard-earned cash on gifts that receivers don’t want; and be exhuasted and in debt with the coming of the new year. Please excuse the grumblings of an old man, who has come to enjoy pease and quiet.

  2. Yes, it is overrated. Some years ago, I suggested to follow the Olympic games and have Christmas once every four years. Anyway, i am going to my daughter and her two very hungry grandsons in Sydney. I will be packing their presents over the next couple of days to clear the table. I am now thinking of not putting ribbons on them. I vacuumed and scrubbed the toilet. I am now waiting for the Christmas spirit to get me.

  3. I am happy when I spend Christmas alone at this time of my life. I have a loving family but am happy to see them enjoy their season their way. I make something special, this year it is Rock Cornish Hen in orange sauce, wild rice, lovely vegetables, a bubbly wine, and a mincemeat tart!!

  4. Oh YES! I was just reflecting on the mostly hidden pleasure of soloing these holidays. I tend to be a little circumspect with my local friends, because they all seem to think it must be so awful to be alone on the holidays. They want to invite me to their family chaos, which is kind-hearted, but ill-informed. I’m so relieved for the peace and quiet of my own selfish little celebrations.

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