Saint Nicholas is coming to town.

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Hobby-horse warning: I find it irritating that people confuse Saint Nicholas with Father Christmas. The first one, aka Santa Claus, was a bishop who lived in the 4th century AD. The other one is a descendent of the “Green Man” and Sir Christèmas with more in common with Discworld’s “Hogfather” than with Saint Nick. Put […]


1 thought on “Saint Nicholas is coming to town.

  1. Growing up in Germany, for us children the 6th of December used to be Sankt Nikolaus Day, when the dear Nikolaus put sweets and fruit into our shoes. 🙂

    On the evening of the 24th of December we were expecting the Weihnachtsmann to come to us. If it was established, that we had been good children, the Weihnachtsmann would give us some wonderful presents! 🙂

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