Going down!

Thanks to my readers for their comments to my post about losing weight (I won’t say “slimming”, that’s too ambitious!). In response, I should point out that I am my own worst enemy owing to my double deadly sins of greed and sloth (laziness). All I really need is self-discipline and a kick in the butt. Hopefully, Noom will provide the latter. Yes, I know that what I lose in pounds I will inevitably gain in wrinkles, but I’m putting health before beauty. Here’s my starting point (I have shrunk in height by 3 cm since I was 40)

Here I am at eighty,
Shorter, but no less weighty
When my horizontal matches my vertical
Soon I shall be spherical.

I come from a long line of hardworking peasants, domestics, labourers and miners whose bodies learnt to make good use of every calorie they could get, so my inherited metabolism tends to be slow. Moreover, I also have an under-active thyroid which probably also affects my tendency to hold onto fat. Excuses, excuses! 

I’m combining Noom with intermittent fasting, that is, I’m only eating between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, with nothing but water in the “fasting” hours. My guru Andrew Huberman has a good podcast explanation of the value of this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tRohh0gErM, in case you need evidence. 

I am also really grateful to Aunty Uta, who posted a delightful YouTube video of Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises at https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/7160824/posts/4138891250   This transported me back to a happy-go-lucky time of my youth, so I hopped, wiggled and danced around to these nostalgic melodies for a good half hour, and as I collapsed at the end I discovered I had completed over one thousand steps already and it was only half-past nine! No need to drag myself out for a trot around the block in the blazing heat: this is a much more pleasurable way of getting my steps in! In the privacy of my own home, nobody is going to grin at my clumsy attempts to repeat the moves I used to perform so gracefully!

One of my difficulties with this American program was gauging food quantities in terms of cups rather than grams and litres. Happily, I have found a set of US measuring cups and spoons lurking at the back of my saucepan drawer, brought back goodness knows when, never used but now coming in useful. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that a cup is actually quite a lot more than I thought, so my portions can be a bit larger. I was also delighted to find that, as individuals can add food items and there are obviously other Swiss people following this program, some of our brands and typical foodstuffs are already in the food list. 

And if you are waiting for a progress report, I’m happy to say that in the past week I have lost just over a kilo. Not much, but better than nothing, and motivating. Why couldn’t I do it by myself, you ask? I can only say that Noom provides me with 3 incentives I didn’t have before, in spite of my best friend’s encouragement: constant nagging, food and step tracking, and calorie control. I think twice before I reach for the cheese – yes, it’s allowed, but only a quarter of what I was permitting myself up to now: and how much more I appreciate that creamy, stinky, mature Epoisses when it’s rationed!

(And by the way, my fingernails are looking decent again – no coloured polish this time! – and I’m going to tackle my feet today. )

16 thoughts on “Going down!

  1. Yay you! Love the poem. The combination of limiting some foods and exercise is the most effective. Though I love to dance, my iffy knees are endangered, so I swim for an hour each day. Also a pleasant way to exercise. Hang in there, it really does pay off and it becomes a habit that keeps us from putting it all back on.

  2. Well done Catherine, we all have to start somewhere and to lose even half a kilo is a joy. Although I have not heard of your plan, it basically sounds much the same as my friend B has adopted. Cereal and toast for breakfast sandwich or soup for lunch followed by evening meal around 6pm.He has also cut out chocolate and biscuits. He has lost 3 stone in 2 years plus ageing means smaller portions. Don’t deny small treats. Saying which, I’m overweight but not ready to take the plunge yet though I do try and eat healthily. Wishing you success dear friend xx

  3. Good for you!! You are going in the right direction!
    I have been doing intermittent fasting since Covid started, to make sure I didn’t gain any weight. It helped. But there is no way I can stop eating at 6pm like you. I am lucky if I can do it by 8pm.
    I just received a message from my health insurance company offering free membership to Noom. I am going to look into it.
    Thank you for blogging about it.
    Blessings to you!

    • Like you (I think)( I really enjoy good food – I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat because it tastes good. Having to make some hard decisions! Great that your health insurance support Noom – I must ask mine.

  4. I just saw this post and also have become a Noom(ie). I joined recently and am still navigating its ways. The daily stepping on the scale is something I struggle with right now. Good luck with your journey.

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