For Ukraine

I have referred to my old friend Norman Perryman before on this blog. Today, he passed on this link to a video uploaded 6 years ago, but which is so utterly relevant to the present situation in Ukraine that it brought tears to my eyes as I watched and listened to it. I offer this as a prayer for all involved in this terrible conflict.

6 thoughts on “For Ukraine

  1. Hauntingly beautiful, though terribly sad. An evocative video and as you say, “utterly relevant to the present situation in Ukraine”. I wept through it, but found a ray of hope at the end with that yellow brushstroke rising upward.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Catherine. At the same time that I worry about the misery in Ukraine, I also think of my friends in various other parts of Europe and wonder how they are holding up. Ukraine is so close. Disaster feels so imminent. . . .

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