So That Was Christmas …

Memories fade, but salient moments remain. I have tried to make the last year into one of gratitude, and what I chiefly remember about 2021 are those moments for which I shall forever be very thankful. Too many to recount here, but I will give you a quick glimpse into my happy Christmas celebrations spent with my family.

That was delicious! Thank you!

First, I have to say that although we are all quite different characters, we are blessed in that we mostly get along. It always saddens me when I hear about families who fall out and argue, and don’t make up in time for Christmas. Harmony is such a vital ingredient for the joy, peace and hope that we all want as our basic Christmas gifts. So although my eldest granddaughter was away by the seaside in Brittany with her husband and four kids, the rest of us gathered on Christmas Day for a traditional turkey feast. All adults except for the littlest one, who entertained us as only a toddler can, and all very relaxed and at ease. 

My daughter had been busy with her knitting needles, so as place markers each of us found a woolly hat over the champagne flute with our name tag attached. All different colours and slightly different patterns, and all very warm and welcome as the cold weather approaches (oh yes, the temperature over the last couple of weeks has been like spring, so no chance of a white Christmas this year again). 

When we heaved ourselves out of our comfy chairs in the evening and set out for a digestive walk around the neighbourhood, we were very glad of our warm woolly headgear, although – as someone remarked – we may have borne a very close resemblance to Snow White and the seven dwarves as we paraded along.

My Christmas presents included pyjamas, a Latin version of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit (for a chuckle – I’m pleased I haven’t forgotten all my Latin, after all!) and ten more cheeses towards the 80 I’m receiving in instalments over the current year.

To my great glee, a barely whispered prayer was answered a couple of days later. Peacefully sitting watching my daughter knitting her next pullover, I was chiding myself for having forgotten to bring along a crochet hook and some yarn to keep my own itchy fingers busy. 

All different cheeses – I’m rapidly losing count but they all taste very yummy

At that moment, my middle granddaughter A. – also a keen knitter – dropped in with a present she had received from her sister-in-law D., who didn’t realise that A. doesn’t use acrylic yarn, doesn’t like bright colours, and doesn’t crochet.

The present consisted of a set of 20 balls of very brightly coloured acrylic yarn plus two crochet hooks, 2 tapestry needles and 8 stitch markers.

A. had asked D. if she would mind her passing this onto me, was given permission, and I was delighted. I instantly began on a project that has been tempting me for some time, and with the addition of a few extra skeins of black yarn to temper the brightness I am now well underway. Thank you, both A. and D.! This may turn out to be yet another family heirloom – or something for the thrift shop – when I’m gone.

And so 2021 came to a close with fireworks banging and church bells pealing, and we are now already into 2022.

I commented elsewhere that 2022 looks as if most of the ducks are in a row – let’s hope it will be a good year. Whatever lies ahead, with smiles and tears alternating as usual, even if our dreams don’t come true, I am sure we will all be able to find something to be grateful for.

21 thoughts on “So That Was Christmas …

  1. I love the whole thing! Photos are wonderful and being an avid knitter love the idea of the hats over glasses. I also love how craft materials found their way into your hands at the exact perfect moment! Happy New Year

  2. I love those hats! I can’t knit at all but my youngest is constantly crocheting. Between Christmas and New Year she designed and crocheted a gorgeous top. What am amazing talent to have.
    I know that she loves being given wool, so I’m sure you must have been really excited when you got that big bag of wool.

    • I can’t knit either, in spite of many valiant attempts – my fingers just don’t work that way. But crochet is easy and fun – just chains and variations on chains so give it a go! Ask your daughter!

  3. Happy New year to you and the family Catherine. You look very well and relaxed. I love the crochet and look forward to seeing the finished result. From being an only child as am I,. you are now the matriarch of quite a large family. What an achievement. Mine is so much smaller. However we are both blessed in knowing that they are there to support us should the need arise. Carry on enjoying your crafting and your family. All hail 2022,Marie xxx

    • Happy New Year, Marie (& to Lizzie & Coco). My family isn’t my achievement – I only had to go through childbirth once! And yes, we are both very blessed. Hugs.

  4. Hi Cat – isn’t it lovely when the family can all or mostly all be together? And Christmas is the perfect time for that. I love your hats and they would certainly help on a cold winters night. I don’t knit or crochet but my daughter is an avid knitter and her hands are always busy making something. This is something she got from her grandmother who was also always busy knitting. My very best wishes to you and your family for this New Year.

  5. The hats! What a wonderful touch. I love the beautiful table setting and the idea of the post prandial walk in the cold, crisp air. Such a lovely and healthy European tradition–one which Americans have sadly abandoned for a post pandrial stagger to the couch to watch ever more hulking athletes beating each other up on a fake field. May your year be filled with cheese, yarn, and lots more lovely family gatherings.

    • My daughter is fantastic at table settings! the food isn’t bad, either. Thank you for your good wishes – those are the best things I could wish for, I think! May 2022 also be good got you.

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