Thanks for the Snow

Like a child, my first response on waking to a world dusted (or disappearing) in fresh snow is a cry of joy and gratitude. It’s so beautiful, this white duvet world, and I can feast my eyes on it. And I don’t need to go out in it, except to my letterbox, a little trot around the house in normal weather, a cautious step-by-step adventure in snow. And yes, I did manage to slip on some ice underneath the deceptive fresh layer this morning (no harm done, and the letterbox was empty). But for the rest of the time, I can stay snugly in my nice warm nest and just watch the snowflakes drifting down through the window. Mesmerising.

Raili at Soul Gifts introduced me to the gorgeous old Scots expression “hurkle-durkle” on Saturday – a nice international flavour here, Raiili is Finnish living in Australia and I’m English/German living in Switzerland – and as I have been putting this hurkle-durkling into practice, I decided to google it. That brought me to this blog which I tried to re-blog here, but WordPress is being very recalcitrant these days and won’t allow me to do that. Or maybe it’s just my out-of-date browser. Anyway, I’m sorry about that – but do please go and have a browse in evesleep blog. You might find even more reasons for hurkle-durkling and snoodling. And a cwtch.

So here I am, tummy full of a particularly spicy chilli con carne (I found a jar of dried cayenne pods skulking at the back of the top spice shelf, probably been there 15 years, so on the assumption that they had probably lost much of their flavour and needed using up – because i never throw food away if I can help it – I deposited a good handful of them into my stew. They hadn’t lost any of their heat) – watching the snow fall. (Grammarians, please don’t criticise my punctuation in that last sentence – I know what I’m doing! It parses perfectly well.)

Yes, a full tummy and all my sinuses cleared out as well thanks to vintage cayenne pods. And enough left over to feed me for two more days. My repleteness is complete thanks to a glass of blanc de noir from a vineyard just across the Rhine from my home – a very nice dessert wine that I got on the off-chance and will definitely buy again. I don’t usually like sweet wines, but this is like honey.

And did I mention that at the end of November I inherited yet another rainbow of yarn? From a friend at church who thought I might be able to make use of it – thanks again, it’s keeping me well out of mischief. And that’s another post.

Just to update you, and put a smile on your face, here is my new little great-granddaughter.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the Snow

    • There’s another blessing – snow in the country stays fresh and pristine much longer than in a busy town. And 13%? I treat this as a digestif, so feel very virtuous that it isn’t a 40% schnapps!

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