The Stork Made It Through The Snow …

Sorry for the hiatus: things have been happening in the past month, most of them positive, keeping me busy so that blogging went on the back burner.

However, today I have an important announcement to spread all over the Internet: congratulations to my Dear Middle Granddaughter and her husband, who have just taken delivery of their first child, a little girl, making me a great-grandmother all over again. Three cheers for the valiant stork battling the blizzards!

She made her début at 21h 01 m 12 sec on 12.1.21 – numerologists take note! – a palindromic date and incredibly fine timing! The new grandparents are all very thrilled, of course, and my Dear Eldest Granddaughter (DMG’s sister) is overjoyed to be an Auntie at last, while her four kids are excited to have a cousin.

What a pity we can’t have a big fat family party to celebrate! This little mademoiselle (yes, born in Geneva so French is appropriate) has not only two parents and four grandparents, but also six great-grandparents, three aunts, four uncles and three great-uncles – plus all the aunts and uncles by marriage – so a gathering of the clan is certainly called for.

Well, maybe we’ll be able to have some kind of virtual get-together, and once Mama and Papa have recovered from the ordeal of the birth, and have got into their new routine they might venture on a tour of eager family members so we can all ooh and aah from behind our masks and hand over the all the presents that have been accumulating in my Dear Daughter’s spare room (quite a treasure chest full).

Meanwhile, I thank the Lord for the safe delivery, raise a glass in Baby’s honour and look forward to seeing a photo of her sweet little face so we can all start the eternal debate of whom does she look like most.

Welcome, little one!

9 thoughts on “The Stork Made It Through The Snow …

  1. Happy New year Catherine. I am delighted for you and the family. What a lovely start to the year! Nothing like a new baby to brighten the days. Hope you are Covid free in your area, we’ve managed to avoid the virus here and due to have the vaccination any day now. It will be a relief to say the least. Keep busy and smiling, hugs Marie xx

  2. Oh my, Congratulations! It must be strange, indeed, to not be able to gather as a family for this momentous event. But, at least things went will. There will be time in the future for the gatherings.

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