Easter Celebrations

imageGetting up at 5 am has never been easy for me, but this was different. A sunrise service to celebrate the risen Son of God on the tiny island midway on the Causeway linking sleepy Sanibel Island with the busy city of Fort Myers, attended by around 1500 people – an occasion not to be missed, and made all the easier by the fact that a kibd neighbour was giving us a lift right to the site. The big yellow moon was still high in the sky, as we stumbled to the seating area and took our places. As the sky began to lighten, the dawn chorus commenced in the palm trees around us, led by the only real song bird I have heard here. The birds here are all very beautiful, but they mostly caw, tweet, cheep or screech. So this exceptional songster was special, and not at all deterred by the humans who joined in as the sun began to turn the sea red and the sky golden..image

Such a setting can’t fail to be moving. It was indeed a very special occasion, and we were blessed to be a part of it.

Life is returning to normal now; that is, our island life proceeding on island time. You won’t be hearing much from me for the next few weeks, I’m afraid. I only have my iPad and no laptop, which makes writing hard. I’m busy swimming, riding my trike, strolling along the beach, meeting friends, reading, crocheting, painting, solving killer sudokus and generally relaxing among the Lotos Eaters again.  And feeling truly blessed.


6 thoughts on “Easter Celebrations

  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast! Great post! Although it makes me a bit jealous; however, my wife and I will be taking our usual trip to sand and surf soon. Can’t wait!

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