Miss Sophie, The Sophisti-Cat

See those wise and wonderful eyes peeping out in my header? That’s Miss Sophie, my daughter’s cat, who could be aloof and proud or affectionate and fussy, as the whim took her. I’m very sad to have to announce that Miss Sophie is no longer with us. She was sixteen, a good age for a feline, and finally just too tired and fed up to go on. Her end was peaceful, gentle and stress-free. Such a small animal, but such a great character, and though she was by no means a noisy cat, it will seem strange without her presence in the house.

She was clever enough to avoid the street and its traffic that passed next to her garden, and so she survived. She was also clever enough to figure out that by jumping up and hanging onto the door handle, she could open most doors that barred her way. And she was authoritarian enough to keep that pesky cocker spaniel in order: after all, Sophie was there first. Now, there will be no more disputes about who occupies the dog’s bed.

Even as a kitten, she knew she was superior to dogs. The dog in the house at that time was a big Bernese mountain dog, and one of Sophie’s favourite games when she was tiny was to cling onto his tail, flinging her to and fro as it wagged. By the time she grew too big and heavy for that, she had secured her position in the pecking order. She never, ever used her claws – the only cat I have ever known who simply didn’t seem to realise that she possessed such a weapon.

Whenever I stayed overnight at her house, she would join me when I went to bed, purring her lullaby till she was sure I was asleep, and then, mission accomplished, return to her usual place. I had to be careful when my hair was long, as she tended to roll herself up in it and then I didn’t dare move my head until she had untangled herself.

Sophie wasn’t anybody’s cat. She was very discriminating, and it was a privilege and honour to be selected by her for her attention. She attached herself very early on to my dear middle granddaughter and was  the recipient of many confidences; when DMG married, Sophie was equally devoted to her new husband.

Yes, we always grow very fond of our pets and they become valued members of the family. Losing them is always hard and tears will be shed. I’m sure that even the dog will be wondering where she is.

Sophie’s staff wil miss her very much.


11 thoughts on “Miss Sophie, The Sophisti-Cat

  1. What a delightful and loving tribute to Sophie. She sounds absolutely gorgeous. May she find her niche in Cat Heaven and reign supreme. I am sure she will be keeping a close eye on her earthly staff 🙂 Condolences to them all.

  2. Losing a pet is always so sad. When my dog , Marcus , died , I felt I cried for at least three weeks. As you know, my daughter’s cat died yesterday and I was always mystified as to why she gave most of her ‘loving’ to me. She was a wonderful mother and produced a few litters of beautiful kittens. I will miss her too !

  3. Awe, this makes me sad, although you’ve written a really upbeat memorial to Sophie. But with my 17-year old little Poppy snoozing beside me, I’m only too aware of time slipping by. Poppy and Sophie share some similarities, especially being discriminating about whom they befriend and opening closed doors–back when the house we lived in had levered door handles, rather than the round ones in this house. (It took about 6 disappointing months for her to reconcile that there was no way around round doorknobs.)

    • Thank you! Cats are very clever creatures, and all with such different personalities. Poppy must have been very frustrated by your doorknobs! Sophie was fortunate, in that all three houses she lived in had lever handles. More dignified than squeezing through a catalpa.

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  5. A wonderful tribute to Sophie! I am glad to have had the opportunity of having her help me pack my suitcase during my last visit. She also kept the bed warm. Such a wonderful character!

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