Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My attention has been drawn to the need to update my profile picture. Hair today, gone tomorrow – or rather, yesterday’s hair has gone today. In fact, it’s been gone a few months now.

No, it wasn’t a symbolic or meaningful gesture, and I wasn’t emotionally affected by the loss of my locks.  It was a purely practical measure. When I first began caring for my mother in 2011, I was very reluctant to leave her alone for the couple of hours it would have taken me to visit a hairdresser regularly, fearing that she might hurt herself somehow, maybe by falling as actually did happen once while I was out briefly. After a couple of months when my hair reached shoulder length there was no need to go to a hairdresser, as I could put it up, plait it or tie it in a ponytail with no fuss and it looked neat and tidy.


However, last February I was thinking about my upcoming holiday in Florida in April and May and it struck me that I would be going swimming every day, whether in a pool or in the sea, where waist-long hair would be a darn nuisance. So as I was in England I called Kelly, who used to come to the house and do my mother’s hair, and asked her to chop it off for me.

She gave me a nice simple bob that needed no styling or fuss, and I sent my plait off to become part of someone’s new wig – preferably an alopecia sufferer.



This new hairdo was unaffected by my daily sojourns in the sea and pool during my vacation and elicited many compliments. The downside is that I now have to fit in regular trips to the hairdresser to keep myself from looking like a Yorkshire terrier, as my hair does grow very fast.

Back in Switzerland again I needed new pass photos, so here’s my new look and my profile is now conveniently updated.



5 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. I was just looking at these photos today – much as I like long hair and it also suited you up, your new hairdo is not only easier to care for, but looks very fresh and “keck” (;)) on you! xx

  2. I had noticed your new profile pic. I think the new style is beautiful and very becoming. I’m proud of you for sending that big braid off to flatter some other person who doesn’t have the same lovely locks that you’ve been blessed with.

    You’re lucky that the new style doesn’t take a bunch of extra work. My hair, at that length, would require an impossible amount of fussing, which is why I keep it short enough to more or less finger fluff. I do hate the trip to the stylist every 5 weeks, but at least I don’t fight with my hair as I did when I tried to wear it long.

    • I was surprised how little wigmakers pay for human haiir, considering how much they charge the client for the wig. My plait is a dropin the ocean, but I hope it will help someone. I just have to find a good local hairstylist now, who can keep my mop in check.

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