Oh I do like to be beside the seaside …

Where has the time gone? My six weeks in Paradise flew by far too fast, but I do have an impressive suntan to show for it, and having had so much exercise, I am looking and feeling fitter than I have done for a very long time. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all these blessings, but am extremely grateful. ¬†Especially for these wheels and the swimming pool. (Note the fancy pants!)


The swimming pool seems to have been an insider tip, frequented by very few – in fact mostly the same little clique of around half a dozen regulars. We became very pally, and something of a mini support group for one another. The subversive submergibles!

On occasion, we were joined by some of the local birds – crows, doves and egrets – who not only bathed with us but also drank from the pool, obviously having developed a taste for chlorine. I managed to snap this little chap one afternoon, who was not at all fazed by the humans polluting his drinking water.


Riding the tricycle afforded the chance to see plenty of wildlife that I wouldn’t have encountered had I been in a car, starting with this turtle trundling merrily across the road to join the alligators in the artificial lake.



Walks along the shore brought beautiful shells and a gorgeous (dead) blue crab that had been colonised, presumably while still alive. An hour or two later, the colours had almost entirely disappeared.


No dolphins this time, but plenty of pelicans, swimming, flying, waddling, and obviously thriving, and those cute little sandpipers racing along like clockwork toys.



Some spectacular sunsets, of course, often enjoyed with a gin and tonic on the lanai. Lotos eaters indeed!

And now I’m back home in Switzerland, with a handful of photos and a suitcaseful of bargains from the thrift shop to remind me of a very enjoyable holiday. Another kind of Paradise, and a very different life to settle into.


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