Living In A Winter Wonderland

“You live in a Christmas card place!”

It’s true, I do.  And recent weeks have been ideal for anyone wanting to take Christmas card photos here. Mine are only with my iphone, and not improved by an unsteady hand, but not having sent Christmas or New Year cards gives me an excuse to share them – rather belatedly – with you now. So here goes.





This little robin accompanied us on a walk, hopping along the path in front of us for several minutes, and posed most professionally multiple times.







My friend called this a “Santa Tree” – I think it looks as if it was caught and frozen in the middle of a dance on the shores of the Lake (Walensee).






Do mountains need a caption? I ought to know their names by now, but don’t – except that this is Heidiland and at the back of my house.


IMG_0572.jpgThe Tamina river, which rises in hot springs, has cooled down considerably by the time it reaches the village. img_0574



Walking home in the evening, I find these homes look very invitingimg_0561

Nothing to do with any of the above: I simply like these rings for tying up your horse outside the local vet’s house. img_0568

And finally – my black eye has gone! Hallelujah!img_0679


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