What’s Another Year?

Birthdays come and birthdays go – what remains is the afterglow!

75 birthday cards

At least I didn’t have a hangover, as might have been the case if I’d been celebrating this jubilee in great style! Instead, it was a very pleasant succession of little groups of family and friends spread over a long weekend, starting with a barbecue for 3 of us family members whose birthdays fall within the same fortnight. That could have been 4 of us, but one was unable to come, in which case the total number of years would have been 193, a figure that doesn’t bear thinking about since none of us feels older than 25!

The obligatory strawberries and cream were a constant, emphasised by the fact that my birthday this year fell on the summer solstice accompanied by the strawberry moon. That coincidence of a strawberry moon at the summer solstice apparently won’t recur until 2094, so certainly not in my lifetime. Does that justify extra strawberries? Those who gathered at Stonehenge this year were not disappointed, I think, but though we did see the sun here, the moon remained hidden behind heavy clouds all night.

75 birthday

So my birthday has come and gone, and I’m not really feeling any older thanks to my very kind family and friends who thankfully didn’t give me the kind of presents befitting a 75-year-old great-grandmother – such as bedsocks and a granny shawl – but instead Cinderella shoes and sparkly jewellery, a batik sarong, super Swiss chocolates, and the promise of a ride in a hot air balloon as well as Prosecco and tea.

75 birthday presents

The “glass” shoes may well join the pair of red patent high-heels I have kept as a souvenir for many a long year – I can’t really see myself wearing them for more than about ten minutes! But thank you to the friend who had the vision of me in them! And another great thank you to my family for the hot air balloon ride: I thought I was going to have to wait till my eightieth birthday for that, so this is a lovely surprise.

Can’t you just see me floating off into the blue, wearing my sarong, my sparkles and my glass slippers?


11 thoughts on “What’s Another Year?

  1. Happy birthday! Isn’t it marvelous how we can celebrate for so much longer, the older we get? That’s sustainability. Indeed, I can just see you floating off into the blue, wearing your sarong, sparkles, and slippers. (Bring earplugs for the balloon ride. When they fire the jets it is LOUD.)

    • I much prefer small groups where I can talk to people individually, rather than big parties where it’s all very superficial small talk. But sometimes you don’t get the choice! This weekend was lovely.

  2. Happy birthday, Cat. I’m a bit late but my wishes are well-intended. I think you’ll enjoy your balloon ride. My husband (at the time) gave me one for Christmas some years ago. I was enchanted. Loved it.

    • Thank you. Not really such a surprise. Most of the people I heard discussing it wanted to leave, though I think for the wrong reasons. I just hope that they can make it work.

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