Crotchety Old Woman

Once or twice, visitors have done a double-take at the sight of me sitting peaceably in my armchair with my crochet. It somehow doesn’t fit their image of me, although I am now a plump Great-Grandmother with my grey hair tied up in a bun like the Mama in the Dolmio ads, so some kind of needlework should be apt.

Much wool has passed through my fingers, over and under my hook, and most has been unravelled. The beret I had to leave unfinished in February for lack of yarn was finally completed, admired by one of my visitors and promptly given to her since she looked so much better in it than I did. My mother also has been crowned with a lacy grey mob cap, totally weird but it actually looks quite fetching on a bad hair day.

My daughter found me some interesting projects online, and kindly ordered me some beautiful wool in various colours from Drops, which arrived in a very useful drawstring bag that allows me to keep everything together, neat and tidy, tucked away out of sight behind my armchair.

A couple of tea cosies were made and unmade, and the wool recycled into granny squares as it was beginning to look rather fatigued. From YouTube, I discovered how to do cables, and have produced a blue rectangle that may at some stage become a bag: we’ll see. At present, I’m less interested in the finished item than in the physical and mental activity of crocheting, learning new tricks, and trying out ideas, hence the number of incarnations one skein of yarn can go through, like a kind of woolly karma. I’m also learning to follow patterns, which is a tough discipline for me, forcing me to keep the right number of stitches and not lose or gain any en route.

So what has escaped the unravelling urge? yellow cowlThis attractive double-layered braided cowl popped up as a free pattern together with a YouTube tutorial, without which I’d have been lost.

I ran out of wool at the end of the first (yellow) one and
had to improvise the fastenings, so felt impelled to make a second attempt using two different colours and following the pattern correctly.

purple cowl


Mom thought that the Sherlock chair would be enhanced by a bright coloured cushion, prompting this, made from a combination of emerald green and a yellow labelled Sauterne – please don’t ever serve me wine this colour!  Cushion

Bright is the operative word; as my mother has macular degeneration, this is the one cushion she can see among all the pale neutral shades, and it is soft, warm and squishy, so serves its purpose well.

Having figured out how to make chevrons, I invented a pattern of my own and was quite pleased with this, though I was at a loss what to use it for.chevrons




I’ve added an edging with buttonholes and a couple of buttons, and may start a trend for crocheted collars next autumn. collarIt’s certainly nice and cosy, and if I ever regain my teenage figure, it may even serve as a wide belt.

So, my dear knit-and-natter friends, that’s my update.


4 thoughts on “Crotchety Old Woman

  1. Well done. I love the cozy collar – just the job for a draughty house (which ours isn’t!) I think when current quilty projects (which are taking too much energy) are finished I shall revert to crochet, which can be done in my armchair in front of the television..

    • Yes, it’s the fact that I don’t need any extra space for materials that makes crochet so ideal at present. Don’t have to set up an easel or anything, and can do it any time, almost anywhere.

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