Seven Blessings

Seven good things this week:

  • Sunshine between the showers
  • A walk through the park under blue skies
  • Blackbird, robin and wren in the garden
  • A box of six eggs, all with double yolks
  • Supportive family and friends
  • Lovely visitors bringing treats
  • Plans working out for the next few weeks

Snow on 17 January 2016

It’s always beneficial to stop now and then and look at all the positive things around you. This has not been a very good month overall, in many ways and on multiple levels: deaths of several national icons, national and international news stories have been anything but encouraging, and the weather has reflected it in storms and gales and widely varying temperatures.

So I have lifted my eyes often, not to the hills which are invisible from here, but to my immediate surroundings. Suddenly, the rain stopped and there was the sun, in a blue sky. I was able to walk through the park without getting wet. At night, there was a brilliant, bright moon. Looking through the window into our sodden garden, where the grass is now standing a good three inches high but can’t be cut because the soil beneath it squelches like a sponge when you stand on it, I see and hear the birds.

Prominent among the birdsong is that of the two robins who seem to be building a nest deep among the tangled branches of the rampant rose bush. We see their bright scarlet vests as they flit about, and they are brave enough to come right up to the house. And suddenly, since the middle of the week, there is also a wren, a small round bouncy brown ball, quite invisible until she moves. Our regular blackbird hasn’t yet got his voice back, but he strides out into the middle of the lawn, far bolder than any of the others. Presumably, not all the earthworms have drowned because he always manages to pull at least one out.

From birds to eggs, and much to my surprise all six eggs left by our trusty milkman this week were double-yolked. I exclaimed as I cracked the first one, laughed as I cracked the second one and was gobsmacked by the time I got to the sixth. I don’t know what the chances of that happening are, but I’m informed by a friend that a double-yolked egg is a sign someone in the family is going to have twins. My darling granddaughters, you have been warned! Twelve yolks in six eggs looks very ominous!

Which brings me to my next blessing of the week, my very supportive family and friends, all with their own cares and concerns, but who have taken the time this week to let my mother and me know we’re not alone or forgotten. Thanks for e-mails, phone calls, video chats and other social media messages.

We have had several welcome visitors, firstly former neighbours who were my childhood pals and who spent a couple of hours sharing coffee, tea, cake and memories. Then a cousin bringing home-made chicken soup as well as a sympathetic ear; a lifelong family friend who arrived with strawberries and cream – a special treat in January – and sage advice; and an old school friend of my daughter’s bearing chocolates, flowers and self-striping wool for me to crochet something interesting with.

And finally a situation that initially looked somewhat problematic has untangled itself, and appears to be progressing acceptably. Fingers crossed!

What will February bring, apart from an extra day?

12 thoughts on “Seven Blessings

  1. You seem to be the central character in a loving, caring circle. The love emanates from within the center. Six double yokes! Yikes. I’m not sure if I’ve ever cracked a double-yoked egg!

    • Maybe my mother and I are also double yolks at the centre of our circle (if it’s an egg, it would have to be an ellipse!) – in any case, I’m very grateful for the double blessing of family and friends.

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