“Beauty is truth, truth beauty” (John Keats) Photo by Avi

“Beware of liars,” said my Dad.
“Liars are cowards, scared
of the truth, wanting to save their skins.
Have no truck with liars.
And don’t you go telling lies.
I’d be ashamed to own you as my child
If you didn’t tell the truth.”

At 8 years old, a principle or precept
Thus instilled takes root.
Sometimes the truth is very hard to bear
And I’ve preferred
Silence rather than to tell
Everything I know. But if I try
To twist the truth or tell a lie
My body language contradicts it all.
I blush, my eyes go shifty, and I stammer.
I couldn’t be a spy!

My problem is discernment:
When someone I believe in
Deceives me,
I don’t want to see the signs.

I am no polygraph.
So gullible!
I love, therefore I trust
And suffer.
Yes, I must
Beware of liars,
Out to save their skins.
Lies kill.


12 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. Your father was a wise teacher indeed Catherine. Sadly, for many, lying becomes a learned compulsion in childhood years. As with many such behaviours, it appears to have efficacy upon first usage, and so is adopted as a default response to avoid discomfiture.

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