Another Coincidence

I need to add a postscript to the tale I posted here under the title Word For The Week: Nostalgia about having made contact with the daughter of my mother’s childhood friend, Eileen.

Another e-mail from the said daughter brought the surprising news that after my grandmother died, Eileen’s sister Laura had bought our old family home, and lived there until her death with her daughter, also now deceased; however, her son-in-law, Ron, still lives there.

There’s nothing unusual in someone buying a house in the same street as relatives, but we are amused by the coincidence that it was “our” house and slightly surprised that my mother never knew till now who the “new” owners were.

Now, we went to visit the place in June of last year, and I was bold enough to knock on the door and ring the bell, but there was nobody home. What a pity! Of course we wouldn’t have known about the link with Eileen at the time, but I wonder: if we had had the chance to chat with Ron, might it have come out? If he had happened to mention his mother-in-law,’s maiden name, would my mother have made the connection? Laura was Eileen’s little sister, so my mother probably knew her as a small girl.

This delightful photo from about 1924, shows Eileen and Laura (back and front left respectively) with their siblings and grandfather.

Saxton children


12 thoughts on “Another Coincidence

  1. I had a couple knock on my door once who were visiting England from Australia; their parents had lived in my home during the post-war years before emigrating in the late sixties. I invited them in and they were just so enthralled to get a feel for the place. It was a pleasure for all three of us.

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