Old Tricks

I confess: I did it again. Yes, once more I used more black round my eyes than Cleopatra would have considered decent, that hat came down from the top of the wardrobe onto the top of my very shaggy head (after 4 years of unchecked growth, my hair is a couple of inches longer than it was last year) and I was transformed from a boring, respectable granny to a scary old witch.

IMG_0324Well, maybe not so scary this year. The same little zombies and ghouls who came last year grinned back at me, and one little Vampire Bride gave me a hug and said, “I remember you from last time!” I ran out of sweeties, so also offered them mandarins, saying “Have a mini-pumpkin!” which was well received, and I felt virtuous at having provided a healthy treat.

Just as I had sat down to watch Strictly my iPad started singing its iChat song, and there were my old pals in Florida ready for a video chat Now they really were taken aback at what leapt out onto their screen!.

12 thoughts on “Old Tricks

  1. Gosh: it never occurred to me that I had to dress up to open the door to the dozens of ghouls and skeletons who hammered the door. Jock did say something about wearing sheets, but I thought it might hamper my Strictly watching! I just thought my job was to hand out sweeties. Next year, I’ll copy your minipumpkin trick.

  2. I don’t know if many people dress up or not – I acquired the hat as a joke last year, and gave the kids a fright then, so I think maybe not so many people do. But this year, they seemed to be expecting a witch, so luckily I didn’t disappoint! Magic minipumpkins were very popular! (I wrote about last year in Hallowe’en – The Witching Eve on 1.11,14 if you want details!) And yes, I missed the second half of Strictly!

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