Big Bad Moon

blood moon eclipse

Thank you to George Ody Photography for this fantastic photo, used with special permission. I love how George has captured that first sliver of Earth shadow.

It was a perfect night for viewing the Super Harvest Blood Moon. Not a cloud to be seen. The only problem was that at its zenith, where all the drama took place, the moon was directly over our chimney pots, and invisible from any of the windows.

I could have popped outside to look, but my bed was a warm nest and it would have meant getting dressed again. So I missed it. But I did see the huge, magnificent golden globe that rose so majestically in the evening, and by 4.30 am it had moved sufficiently far across the sky to be visible again as a pale yellow crescent as it emerged from the Earth’s shadow, so I suppose I can claim to have seen at least part of the show.

It reminded me of another eclipse that I watched – in full – from my Alpine home years ago when the moon rose from behind the mountains and gave a stupendous performance. Taking advantage of poetic licence, I have updated some lines I wrote at that time to imagine how this would have looked had I still been sitting gazing out at the event over the snow-capped Alps.

Lunar Eclipse

Conventional Wisdom
Wants midnight in black velvet
– Or will possibly concede navy blue and a few diamonds –
But this night is all swathed in white satin
With swansdown and pearls
The mountains are wearing grey silk off-the-shoulder clouds
And the moon is auditioning for the role of the sun
And hamming it up –
Flaunting herself like a pneumatic peroxide blonde
Outsize, with excess candlepower,
Preening and pouting,
Parading on her zenith catwalk
For her One-Moon Show
Her Exclusive Special Performance
Extra-full in an empty sky with
A professional act, perfectly rehearsed,
Leading up to the super-dramatic climax
Blushing furiously
Applauded by the stars:
Her total eclipse.


8 thoughts on “Big Bad Moon

  1. OK, this is really poor because the “Blood Moon” is obviously quite a big deal but somehow or other I’ve missed all the hullaballoo about it. Not sure I’d even heard of it before, although I might of. What I can say is it looks very impressive. I did see a full moon yesterday, but it looked just like a normal full moon to me, although no less impressive for just sporting its normal colour

  2. Lovely little ode to the eclipse. Finally I got to see the entire thing. It seems these things usually happen in the wee hours of the morning…which was apparently the case in your neck of the sky. But here in Idaho, it began at a very civilized 7:30-ish PM and ended around 9:30-ish. I enjoyed it all the way through, then got up in the wee hours to find the moon staring in my back bedroom window, big, bold, stunningly silver and fully proud.

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