Stats Again …

WordPress stats are probably no exception to the general progression of “lies, damn lies and statistics”, but I keep an eye on them for my own personal entertainment. It’s interesting to see where my readers are located, and I’m still hoping one day to see a red dot in the middle of Siberia, the Sahara or Gobi Desert on the little map (which differs from WordPress by recording the number of visitors rather than hits).

There are already isolated pimples out in the Pacific and Indian Ocean corresponding, I think, to Hawaii, the Maldives and the Seychelles. Judging by reports from friends who have holidayed in the last two places, the general level of intense boredom there probably accounts for those hits on my blog.

Mainly, though, I check the stats to reassure myself that I’m not talking to the wall like Shirley Valentine. I am grateful to my readers for providing an audience, but I do sometimes wonder what brings my faithful followers back to my blogs time after time, panning for gold in the dishwater of my thoughts here on “Catterel” and wading through the impenetrably dense poetry of Nelly Sachs on my “B-side”.

Much to my amazement, in the past few months I have noticed that Nelly Sachs has attracted more than a hundred more hits than my vapid burblings here. (Obviously, the literary quality of Nelly Sachs’ work is infinitely higher than mine, but she is more arcane.) Apart from comments by some high school students whose teacher had obviously directed them to the site, there are few indications of who is actually perusing these translations. I even have a couple of followers there, though after having now posted over a hundred poems, my output has slowed to less than a trickle. I hate to disappoint, so I am now on the lookout for more poems, so far untreated, to reward these kind souls for their loyalty. Noblesse oblige, after all! It looks as if I might have to fork out and buy the complete works … maybe this will turn out to be a doctoral thesis!


18 thoughts on “Stats Again …

  1. I rarely think of looking at my blog’s stats but I suppose I shall go peek now! I miss you when you don’t post and think of it as time spent having tea with you. That, right there, an interesting soul to share a cuppa with is worth its weight in gold.

  2. Oh those stats are sometimes very weird indeed. By far the most viewed post in my 5 years of blogging is a poem I’m not particularly proud of called “Colour Me Happy”. BTW today my hits hit 132,132, which is a nice number.

    I shall hunt down your poetry blog.

  3. What intrigues me is sometimes I get a spike of a large number of hits and someone has obviously browsed my blog and looked at probably 100 posts, and yet then does not leave any clue as to who they are or why they came. No ‘likes’. No comments. It baffles me.

  4. I sometimes wonder, Cat, how people who have an enormous amount of followers, can keep up with all the followers. I guess I am a comparatively slow readers and I find it rather difficult at times to keep up with all my followers. Often I find a very interesting blog a long time after its been publishes. This makes me happy to found it, and I think, gee, I nearly missed. It can happen quite easily that one overlooks something. With so many good blogs on offer on the internet, it is a bit like pick and choose, isn’t it? Sometimes a very interesting person starts to follow and then I never hear of them again. I find it very rewarding to have some constant friends. Even if I happen to loose touch with them for a while, once they come back I feel rewarded by their good, old friendship. I feel sorry that I tend to be somewhat overwhelmed at times and find it hard to keep in touch with all my old friends. Besides, some old friends drop out all together or hardly ever write anything. But it is better to have known them for a while, rather then not having them known at all. 🙂

    • Please excuse, Cat, that I published this comment in a hurry. I should have edited it a bit before I sent it off. I am sorry I rushed it too much. It is early morning here in Australia, and I haven’t had breakfast yet. I’ll better be off now. Cheers, Uta 🙂

      • No need to apologise, Uta – I know exactly where you are coming from. Many of the blogs I follow don’t appear in my e-mail inbox, so I suddenly discover I’ve missed a dozen or so and then spend a couple of hours catching up. Waste of time? I don’t think so. I get a lot of pleasure, information and inspiration from my blogger friends.

      • Thank you, Cat, for being so understanding. I get a lot of pleasure our of it too. I always want to spend with blogging as much time as possible.

  5. Stats make me nervous. They remind me of junior high school popularity contests. But it is really fascinating to look at the hit map and to ponder where people are when they come across my blog. What brought them there? And why oh why would they ever come back? The mysteries of this wacky, wonderful, world of blogging.

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