A Funny Old Woman In The Park

I’ve just posted a Black Country dialect version of this on my Black Country page, but I can’t help chuckling at the memory and decided to put a standard English version out, too. A murmuration of starlings is a wonderful sight, and there are some stunning photographs on this site.

Those starlings!
Making a racket and clatter
While they’re settling in for the night.
When we were kids we’d make them scatter
Clapping our hands suddenly
And in fright
They’d rise up like a cloud and fly
In a big whirly swirly pattern,
A million dots filling the sky.

I’d forgotten all that.
You don’t see them so much today.
But just now I heard them chatter
As I was coming through the park.
There was nobody in sight
So I clapped my hands and made them scatter,
Just for devilment.
Then I saw I wasn’t alone after all:

There was a little kid on a swing, staring at me –
Wondering what was the matter!

9 thoughts on “A Funny Old Woman In The Park

  1. I love those moments. Years ago, on the London underground, there was a mother and boy sitting opposite me, and a man swaying back and forth by the doors in a slightly strange manner. No one else was in the carriage. When the doors opened the man almost swung on the overhead rail and bolted out of the door. The boy caught my eye and we both started giggling an wheezing for no reason while his mother, who was about my age, looked on in icy disapproval. That was the moment when I realised I would never mature. I loved your story because, as you can see, I might well have done that myself

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