Segue into 2015


Arch of Janus by Charles O. Perry (photo credit Wikipedia)

Not surprisingly Janus, simultaneously looking backwards and forwards, symbolises the cusp of the New Year. TV programmes grow nostalgic and review the past 12 months, sometimes bringing up news items or events that you had either completely forgotten or hadn’t even heard about. Magazines produce horoscopes and other predictive space-fillers suggesting what is facing us. Both, being selective, hide more of the truth than they reveal. Inevitably, as I get older I have more to look back on than I have to look forward to: once again, the year ahead lies in a blanket of fog. I have no idea of what it will bring, what good and what bad.

I have made it through 2014; I have to trust that I will come through 2015.

Janus blindfolded

The fog wraps the future in a grey shroud.
Behind me the dying light
Colours the past in rose. Only
The pleasant shines in my mind while
Bad memories play hide
And seek, suddenly leaping out
With a shriek and a stabbing pain.
I bury them quickly again
And turn myopic eyes
To default mode comfort zone
Accepting che sera.
If I want to change the world
I need to start with myself:
At this age, that’s a challenge
Not for me.

Years ago I began the year
With hopes and aspirations,
With resolutions
To make it better,
The best year yet.
Now my main aim is
Simply to arrive
At the end
Counting my blessings,


7 thoughts on “Segue into 2015

  1. Ein gutes neue Jahr wünsche ich dir vor allen Gesundheit und Glück ein schöner Beitrag hast du verfasst Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag liebe Grüße liebe Catterel von Gislinde

  2. “The act of changing smoothly from one state or situation to another”
    I had to look up “segue”, Cat.
    I love your poem about what you aim for for 2015. Thanks very much for sharing!
    I wish you and your Mum a very happy and peaceful New Year! 🙂
    Best wishes from Uta.

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