Social Media

LinkedIn pops up sometimes
Mostly boring, offering me jobs
That I don’t want.
Facebook I open every day
Vicariously following the lives
Of people known as “friends”
Or “friends of friends”
As they laugh and cry and rant
About their troubles.
They are miles away from here,
Doing things and going places
I used to enjoy, too.
So I see their babies growing into people,
Every one a beautiful genius,
Their new homes, their holidays,
Hilarious times,
Their losses and devastating moments.

It keeps me in touch
From my gilded cage
I can comment or press “Like”
Giving me a sense of participation
Despite my isolation.
Is it because I am in a cage
And because it is gilded
That I am turning into an antique silver bird
– And now my Ex has invited me
To Twitter?

I don’t want to tweet.
I’d rather squawk and screech
Like an Amazonian parrot
Or a crazy English magpie.


12 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Only you could capture this on-line concept of communication so well. I have been absent from much of it and I look forward to reading your posts from the past few months. To be honest, I don’t even know how to get on twitter or what it is all about.

  2. Es ist nicht alles so, wie es aussieht – er hat dich nicht zu Twitter eingeladen, er ist selbst dort gar nicht aktiv. Diese Einladungen hat Twitter selbst losgetreten, auch an viele anderen, die sich darüber wunderten. Woher Twitter die Daten hat, steht in den Sternen.

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