Thank You For My Family

Thank God for children and grandchildren – and their spouses! Where would I be without them? I surely don’t deserve these darlings, who have never let me down..

If there is one thing I really hate, it’s the feeling of being a burden to anyone. I’m the one who wants to gallop to the rescue; I do not want t be the poor lass tied to the railway lines as the express train thunders down the track. Yet so often, I find myself having to seek assistance and support, and it’s usually the family I turn to first. Bless them: they always turn up trumps.

It wasn’t an express train this time, and I was no in imminent danger. It was an inconvenience connected to my e-mail server and programs that was making me very irritable. The family wizard in the shape of my grandson-in-law materialised on my laptop screen and sorted it, calmly, patiently and with a gentle smile.

Currently I’m waiting for a date for my next operation, which including convalescence will mean around 8 weeks hors de combat. If I were at home in Switzerland, that would affect me alone, and impinge on the lives of my family only insofar as they would have to work out a rota for dutiful visiting. I would have assistance at home covered by my insurance.

Here in the UK, it’s a totally different matter. I’m here because I’m taking care of my mother. If I am not able to do that, I need to arrange alternative care for her. Dare I point out that if I had been able to arrange alternative care for her, I wouldn’t be here in the first place? Consequently, once again we have to call on the family for support. One granddaughter lives in England, and has already said she will be available for some of the time. My daughter has volunteered to leave her family to shift for themselves and also come over to help look after us.

Irritatingly, as long as we have no idea of the date scheduled, nobody can make any arrangements and we are all on standby, more or less in limbo. According to NHS regulations, the hospital has to give me a date within 17 weeks of putting my name down for surgery, which brings us to the end of June. Daughter, granddaughter and their families have their summer holidays all booked, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out and not interfere with their holiday plans. I’m optimistic that it will; but I’m like the mediaeval monk praying, “Lord, give me patience – but please make it soon!”

In the meantime, although I hate not being independent, I am very thankful to have such willing and cheerful family support in both major and minor matters. Vive la famille!


10 thoughts on “Thank You For My Family

  1. Oh yes, viva la famille! You deserve to be helped out. I am sure you also help out whenever you can. For sure your family knows that you do not want to bludge on them. It is a fact of life that it is not always possible to be totally independent. I know it is irritating not to be able to make plans for an exact date. With these little operations for me as well as for Peter over the past few years we were never given an exact date. In our hospitals it can take for up to 8 months to get the required surgery. However it is possible someone cancelled surgery. Then all of a sudden the surgery can be done much sooner!
    I hope you won’t have to wait for too long, dear Cat, and that everything goes well then. 🙂
    Best wishes, Uta

  2. What will make us happy if not relationships with family and friends and being there for each other? Certainly not money, possessions, status etc. – it’s the people who count and we are all so lucky in that respect!! Look forward to seeing you soon 😉 ❤

    • It’s always been Love that makes the world go round – you can choose your friends, but with family you just have to accept what you get! I do think I have been extremely fortunate ;.D

  3. I’ll do what I can when the time comes..lifts etc. Things usually have a way of working out so, worry not

  4. I don’t like the idea of you’re needing surgery, and you always talk about such stuff in a matter of fact way which is quite impressive, but \I certainly agree that, whatever you are going through, family males it all much more enjoyable or bearable

    • I’m waiting to have my colostomy reversed, Ducks – but haven’t yet got a date for it. No doubt it will elicit a post in due time. Thank you for your sympathy.

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