The Big 3-0

Happy birthday to my eldest granddaughter – I suppose you are considered grown up now!

The Little Wash-House

We all say “time flies” and are amazed and/or alarmed when another week, month or year has passed. But take a longer period of time, look back – and then go and try and remember how it felt to look forward… Wow. That’s quite something!!IMG_2711

On this photo, I was 19 and that little baby was just over a day old. The odds were rather against us in many ways, but fate, luck, an optimistic outlook, family, friends and probably a few guardian angels in various guises, amongst other things, prevailed and today, it’s 30 years later and I feel a bit like I haven’t quite stopped spinning and whoosh, here we are!

Cheerful, inquisitive, easy and game for anything have always been qualities my little daughter seems to have had from the start. She has won hearts with her helpful, sunny nature all her life, played, worked and laughed…

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