Going, Going, Gone …

It’s going today. I have oh-so-reluctantly accepted that it really does have to go. I have put it with a covering letter into an envelope, which I shall take, addressed sealed and stamped, and drop in the pillar box with a tear in my eye.

I fought so hard to get it, it cost me not only blood, sweat and tears but also a small fortune in lessons and almost drove my instructor to a nervous breakdown; still, finally, after surmounting enormous obstacle and challenges, I managed it, I achieved it, I was virtually awarded it, and have cherished it ever since. It has made a huge difference to my life, giving me an independence I wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise, and allowing me to be of use to others on many occasions. It is, indeed, one of my most treasured possessions. And I am giving it up, handing it in for safekeeping.

My precious from which I’m being parted is, as you will have surmised by now, my driving licence.. Once a driver reaches the Biblical age of three score years and ten the Swiss authorities in their pragmatic wisdom demand bi-annual medical proof of fitness to drive.  In my case, having had some gruesome eye surgery, it’s my visual acuity that is – if you’ll pardon the expression – my Achilles’ heel. Last time, a minor miracle occurred ensuring that I was able to meet the requirements, but this time, in spite of all the last-minute optimism, my cataract operation was not performed in time for my doctor to be able to report satisfactory results for corrected vision. My uncorrected vision is wonderful, as I have already reported here., but it will take another few weeks for the eye to settle, and as the Swiss authorities had already granted me a six-month extension of the original deadline, there was no wiggle room left to extend it any further.

I must confess that I would not feel safe driving at present without some correction to my vision: I don’t drive in the UK anyway, because I am apprehensive of driving on the left  and in spite of having grown up here, I don’t know my way around  the roads of this area with their very dense traffic and incredibly aggressive drivers. Consequently, I don’t really need my licence at present.

God moves in mysterious ways. I was sure He would step in at the last minute and reprieve me. But He never does what I expect. All the same, having manned up like Abraham drawing the knife over Isaac, I have been provided with the equivalent of a ram caught in a thicket. I cling to the wording of the message I received, which says that I am depositing my licence with the Traffic Department, and it will be returned as soon as they receive the desired results.  Surely goodness and mercy will follow me, and I shall eventually be equipped with suitable specs.

PS For the saga of how I acquired my driving licence click here


11 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone …

  1. oh how difficult that must have been for you, to drop that envelope in the mail. Better safe than in an accident but still……I will add my prayers to yours that satisfactory specs will be found and that you WILL soon get your license back.

  2. Since you do not want to drive in England anyway, you should be all right till you return to Switzerland. And isn’t it great that you have the assurance that in Switzerland you’ll get your license back as soon as your vision with the right sort of glasses is okay for driving.
    I don’t know whether I should turn my driver’s license in this year when I turn 80 for I do not do any driving anyway; Peter does all the driving. But I know how it must feel to have to hand it in. I feel very reluctant to do this too.

    • I would like to hang onto it as long as I can. If I really am not fit to drive, I’ll give it back for good, but it is a useful asset. I really miss having no transport in the UK.

  3. I know how hard-won it was! I’m sorry this is the outcome but these things always work out for the best in the long run, don’t they?! I will come and chauffeur you for a bit… 🙂

  4. I can’t remember whether you’ve had your operation or not, but I hope you now have. I know the results are nothing short of miraculous. As for handing back the driving licence. That would be a wrench. I don’t have a car these days, but I may again, and I would hate not being allowed to drive

    • Yes, I had the op on 12 february, so getting used to seeing a clean, fesh world! But 6/9 isn’t enough visual acuity for a one-eyed driver in Switzerland … just have to hope that it will improve with specs.

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