The Myopia Blues or: Myopia Ain’t Utopia

Think Howling Wolf, Leadbelly or Muddy Waters, playing a scratchy guitar with the occasional thump, and a wailing mouth organ (or comb and paper), to record this mournful ditty about my scary experience this morning:

(Opening guitar riff
ba-BA-ba-ba-BAAA-thump-thump….ba-BA-ba-ba-BAA thump-thump ….)

Woke up this morning (boom-boom)
The world was in a blur (boom-boom)
Felt for my glasses (boom-boom)
But my spectacles weren’t there!

I’m so short-sighted (waah-waah)
Got the MY-opia Blues:
I can’t see where I’m goin’
Don’t know where I left my shoes! (Ba-BOOM)

I peered around my bedroom (boom-boom)
No spectacles in sight (boom-boom)
Where have they gone to? (boom-boom)
They’ve vanished overnight!

Can’t find them on the table, (boom-boom)
Can’t find them on the floor, (boom-boom)
Fumble through the bathroom, (boom-boom)
But they ain’t here no more!

Gettin’ so down-hearted (boom-boom)
I start to make my bed (boom-boom)
Look under the pillow (boom-boom)
Right where I lay my head

When I unfold my covers (boom-boom)
I find something that I lack!  (boom-boom)
Oh Lawdy, I’m so thankful, (boom-boom)
My glasses have come back!


15 thoughts on “The Myopia Blues or: Myopia Ain’t Utopia

  1. love it, well the song that is, not the panic of “where the heck are my glasses”/ It’s no fun when you can’t see well enough without them to look for the darn things. Very glad this song has a happy ending.

  2. Did you compose this ‘mournful ditty’ yourself? The rhyming is lovely. This little song describes very well what has happened to Peter and me many, many times! 🙂

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