Why No Comment?

It’s been about 8 months (counting on my fingers) since I moved my Nelly Sachs page onto a dedicated blog site, and then gradually added a few more pages. I haven’t been there for a while, as I have had nothing to add, but a notification from WordPress drew my attention to the fact that it was drawing a lot of traffic so I checked out the stats. Surprise, surprise, this obscure poet has attracted over 5,000 hits, although scarcely anyone has bothered to comment.


I am intrigued.

I’d appreciate some feedback.

6 thoughts on “Why No Comment?

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs and did actually leave a reply once. I suppose it’s pure laziness not to comment more.

    • Hi Christa – nice to hear from you again. I get lots of comments on this blog – I am just very puzzled as to how I could get over 5,000 hits on the Nelly Sachs on, and almost nobody comments. Not even critical ones!

  2. My biggest day of ‘views’ was about 20 times my average and yet no comments were left on that day. I think it may have been one person who found my blog and looked at every single post yet didn’t make his/her presence known. Not nearly 5000 though! Very strange.

    • I’ve been trying to analyse my reaction – curiosity mingled with disappointment. Most people say if they like/dislike something. I’m wondering if some teacher is referring students to my site, and comments are being made in a classroom somewhere!

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