Photo credit Wikipedia


Gannets (Photo credit: FrankMaurer)

The updraft lifts me high
Higher and higher
Above the rocky cliffs
I wheel
Like a bullet
Deep into the blue below
And with my catch
Dive up
And fly
Riding the thermal
Floating with a gentle tilt of my tail and a wave of my wingtip
Back to the squawking colony
Five thousand pairs of gannets
Sitting on nests
Tight packed
I call
One voice among ten thousand
And out of the ten thousand
I hear my mate reply

English: Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus), Bo...

Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus), Bonaventure Island, Near Perce, Gaspe Penninsula, Quebec (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drawing me like a magnet
Straight to our nest
We mate for life
When summer’s over
And our young have fledged and flown
We too take flight
And go our separate ways
Until the spring
When we return
Among ten thousand gannet voices
I’ll hear that one
That calls to me
Until I die.


Photo credit Wikipedia


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