Happy Birthday, Winnie!

Today is my stomaversary, a joyous occasion, well worth celebrating. One year on from emergency surgery that saved my life, and the formation of my colostomy. So what if the Old Grey Mare ain’t what she used to be – I’m alive and kicking!

How best to mark the occasion? I did consider sticking a little birthday candle into my stoma, but only for a few seconds: the comic picture in my head made me smile. I would have to lie down on my back, of course, for the candle to stand upright, and I wondered if I’d have the necessary amount of breath to blow it out. There would also be the risk of my stoma spontaneously deciding to emit some gas and fulfilling the fantasy of many little boys who have attempted to light their own farts.  Oh yes, the potential for cartoons is high!Image1160

So abandoning that idea, I moved on to create a virtual candle by decorating my pouch in fitting manner, using food colouring. Food colouring seemed like a stroke of genius when I began my work of art but I rapidly discovered that it becomes indelible on the fingers and thumbs. Green fingers are, in my case today, not a metaphor but a reality. Image1156

It takes more courage than I possess to walk about openly flaunting my bag so I showed it to those closest here who I know would be amused, took a photo and shared it with those who would be amused but aren’t here. I was amused in turn by some of the reactions: it looks as though there could be a market niche for Special Occasion Ostomy Bags … with Hallowe’en and Christmas coming up, I might go into business! Any takers?


19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Winnie!

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary,Catterel! This is such wonderful humour of yours! The Ostomy Bag looks great! I think you might very well go into business with production of similar bags. The cartoon drawing also looks lovely. I guess you did the drawing yourself? 🙂

    • Thank you, Uta – I don’t see why we can’t have nice bright bags, and there are actually people making attractive bag covers.Yes, the cartoon is another self-portrait!

  2. Ah, never lose the child within… 😉 Nothing like a sense of humour, either xxx
    So glad you’re still here to laugh with!!

  3. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary of your surgery, Catterel, absolutely wonderful! And I love the decorated bag with the birthday candle, for this is truly a new life celebration for you. With such an attitude, the old grey mare might not be what she used to be, but she’s still impressive and inspiring, and much loved.

  4. I know this is many years later, but it’s my first stomaversary and I was searching for something to add to post to my family. I love the candle in the stoma……so classy.

    • Hi Sharon – Very good to hear from you, and congratulations on your stomaversary! I hope you are celebrating your lifesaver in fitting manner, and that your family is sympathetic (as mine was). I found the Facebook page of the UK Colostomy Association extremely helpful and supportive. It’s a closed page, so people can be very frank and honest there – not just for UK residents, either. Blessings xx

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