And Now For Something Entirely Different …

Well, as the song says, Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again!

My last few posts have been pretty miserable, not a good way to celebrate the second anniversary of my Catterel blog. And the translated poems of Nelly Sachs on my other blog are not calculated to cheer anyone up, either.

So as this is my 300th post, let’s find a nice cheerful topic to lighten the day and brighten the way for my faithful followers. A very motley crew you are, if you don’t mind my saying so. I’m very gratified to have you around, and I can see from your blogs or what I know of you that most of you are on my wavelength. I am, however, perplexed by one or two followers who don’t really seem to have very much in common with me. I’ve been over and peeped into your lives, and fascinating though they are, I can’t for the life of me see what makes you interested in my burblings.

Which got me thinking of how diversity is essential to progress, so time to change the mood of my blog, which is becoming a little too sombre.

I’ll leave you to conjecture how that leads to the following tale reported in the local rag last week about a crime foiled by the good old British weather.

A burglar targeted a wine store last February, bursting into the shop with an imitation handgun as the owner was locking up. The 26-year-old crook got more than he bargained for when the victim tackled him to the ground and hit him over the head with a metal sign.

The would-be robber managed to get away after an accomplice came to his aid. The pair ran away with a bag they snatched from the businessman, believing it contained the shop’s takings. In fact, it was a carrier bag containing a carton of orange juice and a packet of cigarettes.

Armed officers closed in on the thief after following his footprints in the snow, which led them to where he was hiding in an alleyway. He was then arrested, and has now been jailed for ten years.

Image1155If there is a prize for the most bungling burglar of the year, this is my nominee.

12 thoughts on “And Now For Something Entirely Different …

  1. You made me laugh. I’ve had a crazy day so I needed a chuckle. This story reminds me of a local columnist here in Charlotte who used to tell “Dumb Crook” stories every week. He told about one who had on shoes that produced sparkly lights with every step. Dumb.

    • There are some really dopey criminals out there – sadly, they can also be vicious and hurt people. I thought 10 years was a tough sentence, but apparently other crimes were taken into consideration.
      I, too, was amazed that I had reached the 300 mark in 2 years!!

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