Ants In My Pants

Actually, in my pantry. I sympathise with them. The men who dug up the garden also dug up their nest, their ancestral home where they have lived peacefully for hundreds of generations, and removed their food source. The front garden – waiting to be paved – currently resembles a pebbly desert, and the ants must be desperate to find a new food supply. Scouts discovered the pantry, reported mission accomplished, and all their comrades are now making a beeline for it – or rather, an ant highway.

The Internet has hundreds of suggestions, naturally. I don’t want to declare war on the ants, just deter them and encourage them to stay outside where they will soon have a new flowerbed to forage in.

According to Wikihow, ants don’t like chalk, talc, salt, vinegar, peppermint oil, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, whole cloves, and bay leaves. Interestingly, the shelf attracting the greatest attention is the one with the dried herbs and spices, all in antproof jars.Image0992

I washed the shelves and the ant highway leading to them with a vinegar solution, but still they came. Then I tried a mild bleach. They just skated over it. I scattered a layer of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and cinnamon on the shelf, but these appear to be manna to them.  “Smear the trail with petroleum jelly” is another suggestion, so out with the Vaseline. This they appear to regard as beauty treatment for their feet. Or do they wear little boots? Coffee dregs was another suggestion, and I put them on the plants outside the front door, but I’m not going to spread those around the pantry!

Just about a year ago, I was battling with a mouse. It was not easy going, but I defeated him in the end. Ants, you have been warned: I intend to win!



4 thoughts on “Ants In My Pants

  1. Love it rats been disturbed then ? It is said we all live within eight feet of a rat ! Just wondering…

    • I’ve heard that, too – but we have lots of cats living within 8 feet of us too, so maybe that helps! I’ve put so much bleach on that ant trail, the little darlings should all be snow white by now – but still they keep coming ….

  2. One day I was eating my breakfast cereal without glasses and thought that there were a few crunchy bits that normally were not there, retrieved my glasses to find that I had been eating ants! Talk about high protein enrichment! I hope that you conquer the invasion soon.

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