Happy Dance!

It’s here, it’s laid, it’s lovely! Mom was very relieved that it all went so smoothly, and she’s impressed. It brightens and lightens up the room.

I’m talking about my new bedroom carpet, in case you’re wondering, which took two young men just one hour to fit. That’s in contrast to the time it took us to empty and clean the room, and the time it will take to put everything back. However, THAT is not a problem, and our pleasure in the beautiful floor covering far outweighs the inconvenience.Image0896

Many thanks to grandson B, young and strong, who lifted and carried and pushed and pulled and is tall enough to reach places we would need ladders for! He is a very pleasant and obliging young man, and may it go on record here that his presence and assistance were greatly appreciated by both the Grannies. Poor granddaughter A was sick, so unable to add her youth, strength and height to the venture. We hope to see her in a couple of weeks, though, and who knows – there may still be the odd little job where those assets are required.

The question now is, how much of the stuff we took out is going back? And IF something isn’t going back, where is it going? The local pharmacy has a corner selling books for 50p in aid of the Battered Women’s Refuge, so a few paperbacks can go there. Old clothes can go in the textile collection to be recycled. For the moment, we don’t have the heart to put Dolly and Teddy back in the dark cupboard, so they have taken possession of the easy chair. But the great pile of books, ornaments and other things in the  “can’t possibly throw that away” category currently reposing on the spare bed will find its way back to where it was before.Image0891

At least everything has been scrubbed and cleaned (very necessary after removing the old carpet, since its backing had crumbled to a very fine black dust that covered everything as we lifted it). And we now have a couple of metres of brand new light blue offcuts that will – in the famous phrase – “come in useful”. Provided we can find somewhere to keep them :-D.


9 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. How beautiful to have this new carpet in your bedroom! Grandson really does sound like a pleasant young man. And now you can look forward to the visit of your granddaughter. Good luck with the sorting out of all the memorabilia and enjoy the new look of your bedroom.

  2. You know that the whole little bedroom was carpeted in a jigsaw off “useful” offcuts from the rest of the house?!
    It all looks lovely, neat and fresh 🙂 (you’ll be in trouble if you spill anything on it, now!!)

    • Yes – and the “jigsaw” was invisible as such until it got soaked when the boiler burst and dissolved the adhesive holding it all together! One rectangular offcut makes a very good bedside mat.

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