Life’s Fabrics

People enter our lives like threads in a fabric
A part of the weave
Warp, woof or weft
Tapestry or tweed
Carefully or carelessly interwoven
Slubbed or fine-spun
Dull or bright colours
Natural or synthetic fibres
Some sparkling metallic strands
Weak or strong.

Some stay, permanent.
Strong selvedges.
Others break off
Or cut by sharp scissors
Deliberately removed from our lives
Some, worn through
Form fringes
Uneven lengths
Ragged edges
Too late to thread them back into the tissue …


11 thoughts on “Life’s Fabrics

    • Thank YOU for the inspiration! You got me thinking about all the people who leave traces in our lives and then disappear – ships that pass in the night.

  1. This poem says it all. At 70 plus lots of new neighbours have come into my life and it has re-iterated that most people one comes into contact with have their own little specialities that add different perspectives to one’s life. Everyone has something to offer, thank goodness we are not all the same

    • Finally got to watch – yes, she’s super. I’m still trying to work out how to upload an audio file – all my poems need to be spoken aloud – they are only half alive on paper.

      • Hello. I have now read these posts and they are fantastic and so true to my own situation. They are raw and honest. I have moved on a fair bit, however I still think there is a bit of illusion there, i am still mourning the what could have been, rather than what really was. It will come in time I suppose. If you didn’t mind me asking, how ling ago is it since your marriage ended, and how long did it take you to get to that point? (of the truth) Thanks

      • It will be 15 years at Christmas. I read that it takes a year for every 5 years of your marriage to get over it, which is probably right. It’s gradual – and I had to work at it. Writing helped.

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