More Room For Nelly Sachs

When I first set up a new page on this blog devoted to my translations of Nelly Sachs’ poems, I had about 30 of them. To my surprise, this page has proved very popular and gets several hits a day, mostly from students I think.  Over time, I have been adding new versions until there are now about 70, and I have finally been persuaded to include the original German.

The page has become something of a misshapen monster,  and not even I can always find a particular poem, so having a little time on my hands this Sunday morning I decided to tidy it all up.

This has led me to create a completely new blog dedicated to Nelly Sachs and her work. After a few mishaps, I think I have found a suitable format – though it may yet change to accommodate future needs – and so I shall be moving everything away from this blog onto the new one at Or just click here. I have also taken advantage of this “spring-cleaning” to revise and – I believe – improve some of the translations.

All comments are welcome, of course, and I hope this will make it easier for Nelly Sachs admirers.

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