Sumer is icomen in, Lhude sing Cuccu!

This is the night of the year when we lose an hour as “Summertime” becomes official so I have just turned all the clocks forward. Then I looked back to my post on 1 April last year and realised with a jolt just how different the world looks this year: nothing blooming in the garden except the winter jasmine, which has steadfastly defied all that the weather demons can throw at it, and a lonely miniature daffodil with 2 blooms, that was buried under the snow till I dug it out. At that point it sprang back upright and I would swear it shook its head like a little lion and smiled at me … or am I carrying symbolism too far?Image0747

Anyway, it’s all a far cry from last year.  It makes me realise that even the recent past is a foreign country as I carelessly mix my metaphors. But it does cheer me to think that all those flowers I photographed last year are still there underneath their white blanket and just waiting for the spring to get here.

Maybe this year’s weather is an April Fool’s joke – somebody up there may be rolling around with laughter at the sight of us winding our clocks on and claiming it’s Summertime, whilst turning up the heating!

English: A ticket to the washing of the lion, ...

English: A ticket to the washing of the lion, a traditional April fool’s prank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not a great lover of practical jokes – I’ve seen too many go wrong and too many people hurt by unthinking cruelty – so I wasn’t going to talk about April Fool’s Day again, but one of the blogs I follow came up with this,  truly deserving of passing on to the rest of you, and Wikipedia naturally has some diverting trivia on the subject

In the meantime, while you are reflecting on tricks you might like to play on unsuspecting pals, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter.

YES - I did make hot-cross buns!

YES – I did make hot-cross buns!


11 thoughts on “Sumer is icomen in, Lhude sing Cuccu!

  1. Your lonely miniature daffodil looks lovely in the snow!
    This weekend we were still on ‘summer-time’ even though here in Eastern Australia it happens to be still quite dark at 7 am. I am looking forward to going back to ‘normal’ time. I think it’s going to happen next weekend. We can sleep then one hour longer!
    We had bought hot-cross buns. When our daughters came to visit, they brought some more hot-cross buns along. And plenty of chocolate Easter eggs.
    I hope you and your Mum had a lovely Easter Sunday. Wishing you all the Best for the coming week. And watch out for 1st of April tricks!

  2. Happy Easter!

    Holman Hunt’s sheep on the English coast were actually what I had meant to send as an Easter greeting, rather than scapegoats!!

    And that’s not an April Fools joke 😉 xx

  3. “Loudly sing cuckoo” Does this mean summer is a-coming when he sings loudly?
    I looked it up now. So it is from the 13th century music for recorders. 13th century —- would this be medieval music?

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