Lead Balloon

Well, my Crock ‘Oss has gone down like a lead balloon here – not a single comment, neither positive nor negative, and that in spite of having reached the 8,000 mark in the viewing stats. It might have been easier for you if I’d managed to upload the audio file, but I still haven’t mastered the knack although I’ve now downloaded a plugin that is supposed to help. My ineptitude, I confess.

Anyway, a big thank you to all of you from all over the world who have dropped in now and then or have become regular followers. I never expected the blog to balloon in this way, and I hope the rest of my posts will continue to entertain and instruct as originally intended. My little ClustrMap (which still bears no resemblance to the WordPress stats LOL) is gradually getting more and more red dots, though I don’t seem to have any followers  in the Sahara or Gobi deserts. That’s a challenge!

My Black Country Muse has been very active just lately, poking, prodding, coaxing and cajoling like a hungry cat twining itself around my legs till I produce some food for thought. In dialect.

Black cat

Black cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Just like a cat: yes, I believe it’s a Mews rather than a Muse – a fat, sleek, black one with a grin inherited from its Cheshire cousin and a twist in its tail. Purring like an engine and mewling, occasionally a bit of caterwauling, and with claws in its paws: a Black Country Mews has to be more of an alley cat than a pampered Persian pussy, and able to face down a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which is the usual emblem of this region.

Lexus 1 ar

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Oh yes, my Mews is definitely feline not canine, lithe and nimble, mostly friendly and peaceful but able to spit and snarl when necessary. Not sure exactly where it’s leading, but ready to follow!

It may appear to be an arcane language to outsiders, so to save those who are not conversant with this idiom the trouble of deciphering my attempts at rendering the sounds, it’s all going onto a new page of this blog.  So you can skip it if you like.

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