Travel Agent and What?

It could be the weather, or my thyroid, or a cold starting, or simply old age. Whatever it is, I don’t like it. I am naturally considerate, friendly and kind, an optimist, cheerful, glass half-full type of person, not a gloomy, grumpy, interfering, bad-tempered old busybody.  Am I not?

A new business has just opened in our local parade of shops, on premises that used to be a halal butcher. I’m glad to see the halal butcher gone, as I don’t like the thought of halal slaughter, especially as it was a sweet shop when I was a little girl, so it felt like a kind of desecration to me as well.

Now the sign over the window advertises an intriguing combination of trades: Travel Agent and Building Maintanance.  My virtual red pen slashed through that last word and in my present bulldog-attack mode I marched in. A pleasant-looking Asian gentleman in a business suit greeted me with a wide smile and a cheerful “Good morning.”

“Good morning, ” I smiled back, “Do you know you have a spelling mistake in your sign?”

His smile became less wide.

“Really?” (Who is this mad woman? It said behind his eyes.)

“Maintenance, “I told him, “has an ‘e’ not an ‘a’ in the middle.”

“But I checked it online!” (Infallible Internet!)

“I assure you, “ I insisted with an air of great authority, “You should check in your dictionary. And anyway, I know. I’m a teacher.”

“Oh, thank you very much. Are you really a teacher?“ The smile was back.

“I’ll get it changed as soon as possible.”

I smiled back. Good boy. Do as Teacher says.

“I just thought I’d let you know. I can’t help noticing spelling mistakes, they leap out at me!”

Wide smile from ear to ear: she isn’t dangerous, just an eccentric old woman.

I know. I’m a teacher. I really don’t believe I said that.

But I did, and now I shall have to wait and see if he really does get the ‘a’ changed to an ‘e’. Will I have the courage to go and give him a gold star if he does?

6 thoughts on “Travel Agent and What?

  1. LOL! Don’t feel bad about it, Cat. When you see him next time, you’ll smile at him again. He’ll probably smile at you too. Perhaps he does appreciate “teacher’s” hint at what correct spelling is. I don’t know about England, but we notice here quite often curiously spelt signs. Some signs are so funny you have to laugh out loud! Whether to spell a word with ‘e’ or ‘a’ is sometimes somewhat confusing to me and I’m obliged to look up the correct spelling. I love to look up words on WordWeb.

    • I was sorry I didn’t have my phone with me to take a photo. But I did feel I was extremely rude, and it’s out of character for me. maybe I should take him some cinnamon rolls!

      • I reckon this is a great idea!
        We knew a restaurant, which we called “kestaurant” because the spelling never ever got changed.

  2. LOL – very curious to see if it gets changed!!

    When Daniela’s dad set up his business, he put a sign up offering “Occassionen” that stayed up for ages – I’m sure half the village was laughing at him…

  3. I love it and you should not feel bad at all. It is annoying to see the many spelling errors. We have a fast food restaurant here called Chick flix (more like chicken hamburgers and chicken nuggets) They spell Chicken “Chickin” or something like that. I am so annoyed that they spell something wrong on purpose that I refuse to take the grandkids there.
    I am curious to see whether he will change it or not. So keep us posted.

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