Harbingers of Spring

My daughter has beaten me to it! While I was fiddling around transferring photos from phone to laptop, she published hers here. Well. it isn’t a competition or exercise in “Compare and Contrast” so here are the dainty but tough little chaps that are telling us spring is not too far away! Some in the garden, some in the house … And what exactly is a harbinger? Interesting etymology – but please look at our courageous flowers first! (Click on pic to enlarge and view alone, then the back button to come back to this post.)


Hyacinths – A Christmas present now providing pleasure to the eyes and nose

Image0636 Winter jasmine and snowdrops are undeterred by snow and freezing temperature …Image0645 Image0635 Image0647

and the camellias have been in bud, patiently waiting since before Christmas. Image0649 Image0630

The most flamboyant of all, relishing the cold – Cyclamen blooming since early January and still going strong.

harbinger |ˈhärbənjər| noun

a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another : witch hazels are the harbingers of spring.• a forerunner of something : these works were not yet opera, but they were the most important harbinger of opera.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French herbergere, from herbergier ‘provide lodging for,’ from herberge ‘lodging,’ from Old Saxon heriberga ‘shelter for an army, lodging’ (from heri ‘army + a Germanic base meaning ‘fortified place ), related to harbour . The term originally denoted a person who provided lodging, later one who went ahead to find lodgings for an army or for a nobleman and his retinue, hence, a herald (mid 16th cent.).

Did you know that?


6 thoughts on “Harbingers of Spring

    • Oh Marylin, we aren’t in competition – she would win hands down! – but we are very much on the same wavelength. So a case of both being moved in the same way by the same things – like spring flowers struggling in the snow. Our mother-daughter relationship (like yours) is an immense blessing.

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