Nil Desperandum

I suppose I have to point out that I wrote this long before the Twilight Zone books – so the connotations may have altered. I have no intention of becoming a vampire in my old age.

When my senses and my strength have gone
My mind may wander in a twilight zone;
But do not think that I am there alone,
Where innocence and experience are one.
And though you may regret my extinct flame
That burned so bright when I was in my prime,
Take solace in your memories of that time
And do not grieve that I am not the same
Nor that my world is chaos, though it’s changed;
Be glad to see me smiling in my sleep
At past and present order rearranged;
For somewhere in my being I will keep
The faces of the flowers yet
Whose names I may forget.



5 thoughts on “Nil Desperandum

  1. This is very beautiful, Cat, how you describe the Twilight Zone. I am not familiar though with the books about it. And what on earth may vampires have to do with it! Please, explain.

    • Hi Uta – in the last few years there has been a very popular series of books about teenage vampires called “Twilight Zone” – I just wanted to dissociate myself from that, as I used the term in its original sense. I’m glad you liked my poem.

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