Family tradition

Mom and I have just finished our Christmas pudding with rum sauce and are feeling extremely rotund. Why Christmas pudding halfway through January?

Well, today my Dad would have been 99 and one of the family traditions – which must now be more than 90 years old – is to celebrate his birthday with a Christmas pudding. I wrote about this last year, so won’t repeat myself.  He would have enjoyed this one, especially as I was rather heavy handed with the rum in the sauce.


5 thoughts on “Family tradition

  1. My Dad would have been 101 on 19th january. How I still miss him. He was one of Nature’s Gentlemen. He worked hard and was kind and generous and in the ’50’s and 60’s he used to chauffeur us girls around in a succession of vans and cars either to school or for weekend treats to riverside venues where we could paddle and fish with our hand-made nets of garden canes, a ring of wire and bits of Mum’s nylon stockings. Hampton Load e near Bewdley was one of our favourite places. There we could take the ferry across the river and get jugs of tea on the other side. Oh Happy Days ! The sun always did seem to shine too. No home confines either..we’d make dens over the fields and go home when we were hungry.I can still hear my mother saying “tell her off Len” when I’d done something naughty (according to my mother). He’d just smile sweetly and wink at me ,much to Mum’s chagrin!. Lovely Leonard x Happy Birthday

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