An Urgent Plea

A young couple I am proud to call my friends have brought this plea for help to my attention. My friends are out there, helping wherever they can.

Please, watch this, and if there is any way you can help don’t hesitate to contact Partners at, a bona fide relief organisation that is one of the few charities working in this region of Western Burma.

Letter from Arakan

In Arakan State in western Burma, over 100,000 Rohingya have been displaced due to conflict and desperately need emergency food, medicine and shelter. Please support Partners’ relief efforts today.


4 thoughts on “An Urgent Plea

  1. Of course we can support a worthy cause. I wanted to comment on the “why you blog” but can’t seem to do so. Perhaps I just e-mail you my thoughts..

    • They desperately need medical and paramedical staff but each one has to pay their own passage out there.
      I moved “Why Blog” to a page of its own, you ought to be able to leave a comment at the bottom. Let me know if it still doesn’t work.

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